The Dos and Don’ts of Shopping on Konga this Black Friday


Black Friday is synonymous with incredible discounts and bargains. It is a great way to get great deals and save money. However, getting carried away in the excitement of trying to get the most offers is easy. So, we’ve compiled some great Black Friday shopping tips to help you plan ahead and ultimately get the best deals.  

Here are the dos and don’ts for shopping on Konga this Black Friday 

Do make a list and stick to it

Keep an eye on the Konga website in the days leading up to Black Friday. We’ll make deals and offers available early. Please create a list of all the things you want to purchase and stick to it. With a list, you can avoid overspending on unnecessary items or missing out on excellent deals to other customers.

Do Prioritise quality over quantity

Consider what you want to buy rather than grabbing whatever is on the shelves. If you don’t, you might end up with many items you don’t need. It’s always better to choose one large product you genuinely want and need rather than a slew of smaller, unnecessary ones.

Do keep up with social media

Make sure to monitor all of our social media platforms this week. Some special offers only available on social media will be visible to you. Remember, our Flash Sales and Treasure Hunts are for those with the sharpest eyes and the fastest fingers.  

Don’t assume a good deal is too good to be true

Do not pass up a good deal on that appears too good to be true. Konga offers up to 85% off your favourite items this Black Friday. Shoppers are in for a treat with everything from computing to mobile phones, groceries, home and kitchen appliances, fashion, and much more. When you find something you like, quickly add it to your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout because it won’t be there the next minute if you sleep. 

Don’t act impulsively

Be rational when shopping to avoid overspending. Set aside specific amounts for various categories or items. The more you spend impulsively, the more likely you are to buy something you don’t actually need. Try not to get caught up in the Black Friday frenzy, and remember that it’s just shopping.

Don’t rely on it for your Christmas presents

Treat Black Friday as a starting point for your Christmas shopping rather than a chance to complete all of your Christmas shopping in one day, as this may lead to disappointment. Konga has sales all year, and we’ve got something special for you in December. No, I’m not going to reveal anything just yet. However, keep an eye out for updates over the next week.

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Konga Black Friday is on Friday, 24th November, 2023. Items are at the lowest prices ever. Enjoy up to 85% OFF on your favourite brands. You get an Extra 20% OFF when you pay with your KongaPay wallet. 

What is even more exciting during the Black Friday Extravaganza is that you also get to shop and win a FREE Business Class Ticket with RwandAir. All you need to do is shop the highest number of orders on the web or mobile app and that’s it; you qualify. 

Take advantage of the fantastic bargains that are coming your way. Make a list now and prepare to save 85% on everything you want to buy.