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Japa To The Konga Prime Side Of Life

No one, absolutely no one, wants to shop and pay exorbitant delivery charges. But the recent government policy on fuel subsidy has resulted in a significant rise in the pump price of fuel nationwide. This has consequently increased delivery rates, including ours. 

However, as a brand, we always seek better ways to serve you. So we present Konga Prime, a loyalty program that makes your shopping process fast, cheap, and convenient. 

This is your chance to enjoy incredible benefits while spending less. Customers in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt can now enjoy unlimited free deliveries at preferred locations without additional fees. 

How does Konga Prime Work?

Konga Prime is a membership package that gives you first-hand access to multiple online benefits, including mouth-watering deals, exclusive price slashes, and unlimited free deliveries. 

Why Konga Prime? 

Prime ensures customers enjoy limitless access to thousands of products, including rewards and benefits, while also saving. Not only will prime – subscribers enjoy free deliveries on all orders, they should look forward to the following: 

· A prioritized shopping experience

· Zero shipping fee on items within eligible cities

· Exclusive access to deals and promotions 

· So Much More

Japa to Prime
How To Subscribe

Prime is live in LagosAbuja and Port Harcourt.

To get started, CLICK HERE to select a subscription plan that suits your needs. The offers available include:

· Lagos – N3,000 for one month and N7,490 for 3 months. 

· Abuja – N3,890 for one month and N10,490 for 3 months respectively. 

· Port Harcourt offers you N6,000 for one month 

As soon as you subscribe to your preferred plan, you’ll get a confirmation email within 1-24 hours. The prime feature is your chance to enjoy preferential treatment and many other cool benefits at a minimum cost. Don’t let this opportunity slip. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the Konga prime side of life!

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