Black Friday Frenzy: 5 Reasons You Should Shop On Konga


Unless you have a particular fondness for rowdy marketplaces, market visits can be anything but enjoyable. The experience is the same whether you choose to shop at Yaba, the well-known Balogun market, or a larger market like the main market in Onitsha. From the vendors who inflate the price of their wares at the sight of your shopping bag to the guys who appear out of nowhere to serve as voluntary tour guides, here are all the reasons you should shop on Konga this Black Friday. 


There is no assurance that repeating an experience more frequently will make it any different. Visiting the market can often resemble navigating a maze. But it’s straightforward to navigate the Konga website. If you choose to visit a physical store, all Konga stores across the country are simple to find and sufficiently comfortable to ensure a flawless shopping experience.

Affiliate Traders

These obnoxious individuals spend the entire day lurking to scout customers for authentic vendors despite having no shop, goods, or stock. They typically profit significantly from this arrangement by charging outrageous commissions, which drives up the cost of goods. 

Unfortunately, these people consume a large portion of your budget because you are lost and do not know where to go. Instead of going over your budget, Konga allows you to SAVE because there are numerous discounts, up to 85% OFF on a wide range of products available just for you.

konga black friday for Sale OFF 67%

 Konga Stores 

The fun continues beyond the Konga website. This black Friday season, discounts are available both online and offline. Every online offer is even bigger and better in a Konga store. Don’t say you had no idea; locate the nearest Konga store and grab your best discount. 

Handsy Traders

It is impossible to walk through the market without the traders who aggressively pull your hands while beckoning you to their stalls. These people usually don’t take ‘No’ for an answer and keep telling you “I go treat you well, I go give you beta price.” Refusal to patronize them usually ends on a not-so-friendly note like “commot here jare.” 

Opinionated Traders

Let’s say you successfully navigate the above obstacles and arrive safely at a seemingly nice shop where you decide to settle and make a choice. You start hearing things like ‘this one fit you o’ ‘no commot another one’ ‘that one wey you dey find no be original.’ When they are not in any way paying for what you buy.

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At Konga, you get only quality products, and in addition to the warranty these products already have, our Top-notch after-sales service is second to none.

With the inconveniences that come with shopping in the raging sun, the risk of having your pocket picked, and the stress you may have to go through just to get what you need, don’t you think shopping from the comfort of your home or in a comfortable space is more like it? Shopping on Konga this Black Friday is your best bet.

Visit or walk into any Konga Store near you to get all you need this Black Friday at up to 85% OFF. It’s raining discounts on Konga, don’t sleep on it. Shop Now.