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Early Bird Sale 2018

Early Bird Sale 2018 is the biggest sales event to usher in Konga Yakata. It is an opportunity to get a taste of crazier deals to come.

Early Bird Sale 2018
Early Bird Sale 2018

From Friday, November 2nd, you can enjoy up to 70% discounts on a wide range of premium quality, highly sought after products across the website. Make sure you take full advantage of these amazing hours of excitement!!

Shop your favorite brands of phones, laptops, home appliances, amazing fashion items, cool baby and kids toys and essentials, classy wines and spirits and so much more. Same products of the same quality. The Early Bird Sale 2018 will feature discounts of as low as 70% off!!!  Get crazier deals in anticipation of our Black Friday deals.

Go to Konga or Call 0700 700 0000.

Follow us on our social media platforms for more information.

Twitter: @shopkonga

Instagram: @shopkonga

Facebook: shop konga

Whatsapp: 08094605555


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