How Ali Changed A Stranger’s Life During Ramadan.



Once upon a time, a young boy named Ali lived in a small village. Ali was excited about the upcoming Ramadan month. He had been waiting eagerly for this month and wanted to make the most of it.


The first day of Ramadan arrived and Ali woke up before dawn to have his Sahur meal. Thereafter, he observed Fajr with his family and went to school. However, throughout the day, Ali could not focus on his studies. He was hungry, thirsty and tired. But he kept reminding himself that he was doing this to gain Allah’s benevolence, which made him feel proud.

After school, Ali would usually go to the mosque with his father for the Maghrib prayer. The atmosphere in the mosque was peaceful and Ali felt a sense of unity and togetherness as he prayed with the faithful. After prayers, they often would break their fast with some dates and water before joining in the Iftar meal.


Days passed and Ali continued to fast and pray. He read the Quran and helped his mother in the kitchen during preparation for Iftar. He loved seeing his family come together to break their fast and share their day’s experiences.

One day, on his way home from the mosque, he saw a man sitting by the roadside. The man looked tired, hungry and homeless. Ali remembered that Ramadan was a month of giving and kindness, so he approached the man.


“Assalamu alaikum,” He greeted the man.


“Wa alaikum assalam,” the man replied.


“Are you okay?”.


The man shook his head and said, “I’m hungry and have nowhere to go.”


Ali thought momentarily and then invited the man to his house for Iftar. His family openly welcomed the stranger with open arms and shared their food with him. The man was grateful for their kindness and openly expressed how he had never experienced such hospitality.


On the final day of Ramadan, Ali woke up early and prepared a special gift for this stranger who had become a regular guest at Iftar. He knew that the man had nowhere to go after Ramadan, so he decided to do something to help him.


As soon as the sun rose, he went to the makeshift shelter where the man lived and knocked on the door. When the man answered the door, Ali handed him a small envelope.


“This is for you,” He said. “I hope it helps you in some way.”


The man opened the envelope and found some amount of money inside. He was overwhelmed by Ali’s kindness and thanked him for his generosity. Ali returned home and spent the rest of the day with his family. All the way, still wondering if the man was okay.


As the sun set on the final day of Ramadan, Ali and his family went to the mosque for the Eid prayers. They exchanged Eid Mubarak felicitations with family and friends, hugged each other, and made merry.

After the celebrations, Ali went to the man’s shelter again to check on him. When he arrived, he found that the man was not there. Only a note on the door that read, “Thank you for your kindness. You have given me hope and faith in humanity.”


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Ramadan Mubarak!