The Biggest Sale Of The Year Is Back! Konga Yakata 2023

The Biggest Sale Of The Year

Africa’s foremost e-commerce brand, Konga, is set to host its annual biggest sale of the year! Konga Yakata, which runs from November 1st to 30th, 2023, provides customers with the opportunity to shop a wide range of products and stock up their homes on a budget. 

This year, Konga Yakata promises to be bigger and better. Among the variety of products on offer are Laptops, Desktops and accessories, Mobile phones and tablets, Home and kitchen appliances, Fashion items, Electronic devices, Baby, Kids and Toys, and Wine & Spirits. 

Customers are urged to look out for massive deals on all their favourite brands, including HP, L’Oréal, Samsung, Apple, Haier Thermocool, iPower, Tecno and Zinox. Also on the lineup are  Nexus, Infinix, Nokia, Itec, Polystar, Nivea, and Lenovo

As we countdown to the biggest shopping season in the year, here are tips to getting the most out of Konga Yakata in 2023;

Make your Second Home

The easiest way to get the most out of anything is to get familiar with it. This season, simply visiting is not enough. You need to keep the website active on your computer and mobile device all the time; you’ll thank me later. Ensure you understand how to navigate the various item categories and subsections. Thousands of customers will be onboard daily, so finding and acting fast on deals is your best bet. When you find an item you want, quickly add it to your shopping cart and check out as soon as possible. 

Create An Account on The Konga Website

Every second counts! You should make hay while the sun shines by creating a Konga shopping account today. Click here to create an account now for free. 

Sign Up for Konga Newsletters

Get the most amazing offers delivered directly to your mailbox. This is my favourite hint because signing up is easy. 

Follow All Konga Social Media Pages

These days, social media has become the first point of call for everything trendy. For your sake, we are leveraging all platforms to bring you the very best. Follow @Shopkonga on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. And don’t stop at these; ensure your post notifications are on so you can catch all of them.

It gets Better! 

One of my favourite incentives for this year’s Yakata Black Friday sale is the KongaPay Yakata Xtra. Yes, you read that right! KongaPay offers instant 10% off your cart value once you pay with your KongaPay wallet

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What exactly do you desire? A Laptop? Tablet? Home & Kitchen Appliance? Fashion Items? Groceries? Name it! You are guaranteed the best bargains for each item during the Konga Yakata Black Friday Sale. 

Prepare your shopping list and join the countdown