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How Esther Found Happiness on KongaNow

Esther has always been an avid online shopper. She loved the convenience of browsing through a wide range of products from the comfort of her home. And she enjoyed the thrill of waiting for her purchases to arrive at her doorstep. 

However, Esther has been experiencing unpleasant challenges with her online deliveries recently. 

Packages that were supposed to arrive in a few days took weeks and sometimes even months to reach her. So, she often spent hours on the phone with customer service representatives, trying to track down her packages, but only to find out that they were still in transit.

Esther was at her wit’s end and seriously considered quitting online shopping altogether. But then she heard of KongaNow, an online shopping initiative that promised same-day delivery within one to six hours.

“No Way. This can’t be true,” Esther thought, understandably skeptical. How could I possibly arrange for the delivery person to deliver my orders on the same day in this frustrating Lagos? Well, there was only one way to find out. 

She decided to experience things for herself. Therefore, to see if indeed this dream was a reality.

The first time Esther placed her order, she visited Konga.com and selected various items tagged KongaNow. A Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 lite, A Saisho Double Burner Gas Stove, plus an APC Back-UPS. Within a few hours, the delivery person delivered her package right to her doorstep. She couldn’t believe how fast and efficient the service was.

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Over the next few weeks, Esther continued to use KongaNow for all of her online shopping needs, and she was consistently impressed by the level of service she received. The platform was easy to use, the products were high-quality, and the same-day delivery option was a game-changer. 

Esther could finally enjoy online shopping again without the stress and frustration she had experienced.

Looking back on her ordeal with late online deliveries, she couldn’t believe how much time and energy had gone into trying to track down her packages. She was grateful to have found a solution that worked for her, and she knew she would be a loyal KongaNow customer for a long time.


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