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My Kigali ‘Ex -‘perience

It’s 11 am on Saturday as I lay hopelessly on my back, staring blankly at the fan above me with Burna Boy’s song running through my mind.

Hmmm, I sighed. At least, now I understand what the Grammy Award-winning artiste meant when he said, ” E don cast. Last Last. Na everybody go chop breakfast.”

Kigali! The heartbeat of Rwanda, a giant of East Africa, is home to beauty and nature and one of my favorite places to visit. An absolute pleasure to behold, but more captivating than the views, landscape, and exotic food is the aura and sensuality of their women.

Brenda Annet was the reason I woke up and left my country every birthday, annual leave, anniversary or Christmas celebration, asides from work or field trips. She was the only reason I traveled out.

Charismatic and charming, she was a 6-foot-tall glass of refreshing red wine. Brenda had rich ebony skin, her hair thick like a lion’s mane, and her body and curves were ‘giving.’ 

She was indeed a looker. I don’t know what struck me more. Her beauty? Brains? Or both? But whatever it was, I just kept coming back.

This time, I wanted to surprise her with a special travel and tour package I copped from Konga Travels and Tours for our anniversary. The plan was for us to return to my country Nigeria and spend quality time together.

Konga Travels had it all planned out. From the flight tickets, visa and passport processing, to the VIP airport arrival and choice of hotel. Down to the rose petals and bedding: a perfect arrangement. A week of suspense spiced with a live Jazz, a boat cruise, exquisite tours, and romantic evening walks where we’d tell stories and share a kiss in the park. It was our dating anniversary, after all.

But nothing had prepared me for the surprise I was in for at Kigali when I arrived. It turns out that Craig, who she assured me was just a friend, was a bit more than just a friend. It broke my heart to see them that way in the apartment that I paid for.

Brenda! How could you? I remember saying to her before taking my leave for the airport.

Heartbroken and sad, I boarded the next available flight back to Nigeria, benefitting again from the quick service from the ever-reliable Konga Travels team. I left my phone on flight mode to avoid seeing her calls or texts. 

It’s been a week since that day. I haven’t been able to do anything right. I had even booked one of Konga Travels’ Easter deals to an East African country and was finally going to propose. ‘‘Her loss,’’ I let out with another deep sigh.

It’s 12:30 pm now on Saturday and I am tired of sulking and feeling sad about my situation. I finally decided to cancel the  package I had booked earlier.

No sooner had the thought crossed my mind and I picked up my phone only to see a cute picture of a couple on Instagram with the quote, “True love stories have no end! Open up that window and let love in.” 

‘’Awww,’’ I whispered softly. 

On second thought, I’ll be embarking on that trip after all. You never know what awaits.


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