7 Things Successful People Do (Or Should Be Doing) On Weekends


Heeeyyyy, it’s the weekend; you made it through another week. Have you noticed the rain has been showing itself lately? E dey form Idan, but it does not know that you are the real Idan, and Idan competes with nobody. 

Getting up daily, dressing up, and fueling that hustle is not easy. You even have to experience that terrific traffic out there (if you live in Lagos). Please, give yourself a high five. You’re doing well. 

If you’re reading this right now, you’re either successful or on your way to tremendous success. So today, I will share 7-weekend activities that successful people engage in or should engage in. 


Everyone should exercise, and if you’re unable to do so four to five days a week, you should be active on the weekends to make up for some of that time. Physical exercise can help you lose weight and enhance brain health. It also lowers your risk of developing diseases, builds stronger bones and muscles, and improves your capacity for daily tasks.

Make time for family and friends 

This is especially crucial for those who don’t spend much time with their loved ones during the week. Spend weekends with family and friends to create lasting memories. 

Minimize chores

We Nigerians believe that chores must be done on the weekends, but moderation is advised. You should avoid exhausting yourself on Saturday and spending the rest of the weekend sleeping.


You know what they say; if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail. Making plans beforehand allows you to be more productive and ensures you are prepared for the coming week. Your goals for the upcoming week will be crystal clear to you. 

Shop Online 

Time is too valuable, and successful people are aware of this. You don’t want to waste that time in the market. You can purchase everything you need on Konga.com and have it delivered hassle-free to your door. 


Networking is a lifestyle. Get out of the house, travel, hang out with friends, or volunteer in a local community. 


Successful people set aside time to be grateful for what they have and consider how to improve. Weekends are a fantastic time for that.

Happy Weekend

Ensure you make the most of your weekends. Visit konga.com to shop for your weekend essentials. We dey for you.  

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