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Konga Prime : All the Good Stuff You May Be Missing Out On

The fact that anyone would let a premium experience slip off their grasp is one mystery that beats my imagination. The Konga prime feature is your chance to enjoy a preferential treat, as well as lots of other cool benefits at very minimum cost. 

Still yet to subscribe as a prime member? Here is a list of all the great stuff you may be missing out on 

Zero Shipping Fees

Konga Prime : Everything You Are Missing Out On

How would you describe the feeling of loading your cart with lots of items /products; only to be told that not only are you eligible for huge discounts; but you will also not be paying a dime on shipping. Awesome right? Well, as cool as this sounds, you will miss this if you do not subscribe.

Exclusive Access To Promotions and Product Releases

The  Konga prime membership gives you exclusive rights to mouthwatering discounts, and unbelievable price slashes that non-subscribers can only wish for. Enjoy great deals, on thousands of products as soon as they roll out. The coolest part of this whole ‘prime equation’ is that you will also get a firsthand privy of discounts right to your mailbox. See; you are well aware before other customers realize what’s going on. 

YOU Come First

All customers are certainly a priority. With prime members however, we go the extra mile to make sure their needs and preferences come first. Enjoy top-notch services across all Konga subsidiaries as soon as you subscribe as a prime member.

Your rewards begin on Subscription! To get started, CLICK HERE to select a subscription plan that suits your needs. Available offers include:

  • Lagos Prime plans for N1000 (against N2000) valid for One month and N2490 valid for 3 months (against N4950).
  • Abuja plans originally set at N2,500 (1 month) and N6,950 (3 months) but now obtainable for N1290 and N3490 respectively. 

There’s honestly no reason to snooze! A confirmation mail within 1-24hrs confirms your access to the better side of life.

Visit Konga.com or Walk into any Konga Retail Store near you for the best Prices Anyday!

Ekemini Dickson
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