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When An IDAN Falls In Love

So it’s been two years since I last saw Tina. And men! This long distant relationship thing is not for the weak.

Tina is more or less your typical Nigerian girl with a slight touch of “Werey,” “LOL.” But I guess that’s what I love the most about her. 

She’s very daring; her sense of humor is from hell itself (Pretty dark). 

One day, she was teased by an older woman for wearing a skirt slightly above her knee; she retorted politely with a grin, “That’s why your daughter isn’t married yet.”

Rude as it might seem, it is a quality I love about Tina. She is very blunt and honest.

We’ve had our ups and down, but I kid you not; that girl is a vibe.

Anyway, my boo is not the kind of girl I would let slip out of my grasp; and that’s why no matter the weather, I stand strong. 

Come rain, come sunshine.

“Egbon, e be like say you never chop breakfast before.” my friends would always tell me, but whether it is foolishness or infatuation, my love for her was real.

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For the first time since we made our relationship official and she left for her Master’s abroad, she was finally coming back. 

Everything had to go perfectly. And I was super excited; even my friends began to take our relationship seriously. I made her favorite meal, renewed my electricity bill, and put everything in place. And most importantly, I recharged my DSTV. Being the drama queen she is, I knew she wouldn’t want to miss out on the Big Brother Naija All Stars (BBN All Stars).

With the help of KongaPay, I could do all these conveniently from the comfort of my home. Tina will be here for three weeks, so I want to ensure her stay is perfect. 

I love that I can make these payments at no extra cost. It has been one of the perks of using KongaPay, for which I am grateful.

Not to keep you all any longer. So despite the crazy situation of the country, I’m a proud lover boy, and I encourage you all to be too.


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