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What time is Best for a Workout: Morning or Evening? 

It takes a whole lot of discipline to begin workouts and an extra ounce of it to stick to your chosen routine. Workouts are something you should look forward to. It should leave you feeling good, and confident in the long run. If none of the mentioned applies to you, then there might be a problem. Do you find yourself reaching for the snooze button of your alarm in the morning before a workout? Or wake up too tired for your routines? Have you noticed that you have trouble falling asleep after an evening session? These signs may be your body saying something. Wondering what time of the day is best for a workout? Here are factors to consider

Daily Schedule 

    Best time for a workout: Morning or EveningBest time for a workout: Morning or Evening

Your daily schedule influences your workouts. Are your mornings so hectic that you barely make it out of the door in time? How about your evenings? Is your day so full of activities that you come home really exhausted? If your mornings are too busy, evening workouts could help create a balance. If however, you’d prefer to rest or hang out with friends in the evening, then Morning exercises are your best bet. Experts even say morning exercises keep you energized, and physically alert for the challenges of the day.  

Energy Levels 

     Best time for a workout: Morning or EveningBest time for a workout: Morning or Evening

What is your goal? Are you trying to lose weight or just eager to establish a healthy routine? How does your body feel after a workout? Do you feel revitalized afterward or fatigue sets in almost immediately? If your ultimate goal is to lose weight, then you should try exercising in the morning because, at that time, your body is in a fasted state and most likely to burn fat for energy. On the other hand, if you are determined to improve performance and consistency, then evenings are better off because studies show that your body’s temperature peaks from mid-afternoon through the evening. Consequently, this optimizes your muscle strength, ability, and endurance. 

More Tips To Help You Decide The Best Time For Your Workout

    Best time for a workout: Morning or EveningBest time for a workout: Morning or Evening

  • Maintaining a Work out routine requires patience and Consistency. Whether morning or evening, be prepared to step out of your comfort zone.
  • Stay Motivated by indulging in activities you enjoy. Biking, Swimming, Yoga, Strength training, and weights are a few activities you could choose from.
  • Your sleep is just as important as any workout. If morning workouts are your thing, go to bed early so you can be up in time to start your day. If evenings, try to finish working out at least 2 hours before bedtime. This would give your body time to de-stress before you sleep.
  • A helpful tip includes sleeping in your workout clothes or laying them out before bedtime. The logic behind this trick is that if the first thing you see when you wake up reminds you of exercising, there is a high chance you would be motivated to move. 
  • Do not perform vigorous exercises with a full stomach. For evening exercises, go easy with lunch and then take dinner after exercising. 
  • Your feeding habits are also as important as any exercise. Regardless of your goals, good feeding habits to back it up produces better results. 

In Conclusion, the best time for a workout depends on some factors because We all are tailored differently. No specific time applies to everyone. The only thing that matters the most is that you quit excuses. Get off that couch this week! Move, and be healthy with or without the gym.  Check out More Fitness Trends to Keep up withVisit konga.com today for all your fitness needs.


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