3 Fitness Trends To Keep Up With From Home

3 Fitness Trends To Keep Up With From Home

To be physically fit is to be in a state of complete wellness both in body and mind. Most of us, had set fitness goals at the beginning of the year until COVID-19 flipped the script. As uncertain as the journey ahead seems, we ought to make a commitment not to derail. While you remain safe indoors; Here are 3 fitness trends you should incorporate into your indoor routine to spice things up in lockdown.

Wearable Technology

    F8 Smart Bracelets Fitness Tracker Bt4.0 IP67 Water Proof - White & Black.D13 Sports Health Fitness Tracker - Step Counts - Black.

Wearables are technological advancements for monitoring and tracking fitness-related metrics. These metrics include distance covered, calories consumed, heart rate, and lots more. Since we are almost living a sedentary lifestyle these days, Fitness trackers are a great way of keeping you in check, monitoring your activity levels, and overall health with little or no effort. Fitness trackers also serve to encourage you during tough workouts. Research has revealed that using trackers judiciously are an effective way to lose weight.


Blue Yoga Mat With Carrying Bag.    Yoga Mat - Green.

Yoga is aimed at improving your body’s strength and flexibility while easing your mind. Its routines include re-laxative breathing techniques and mental exercises known to lower blood pressure and slow the heart rate. This is less strenuous and highly beneficial to people with high blood pressure or heart diseases. With the right dose of determination and a Yoga mat only, you can embark on an unstoppable journey to a fit lifestyle.

Indoor Workout Routines

We have no choice, Home workout sessions are the in-thing. Not only are they safe and comforting, working out in your home this lockdown is one way to boost your immunity and leave you with an amazing feeling. Since the gym is out of bounds this period, why not set up yours indoors. Stock up on Treadmills,  Fitness Bikes,  Gym Stations,  Ab Rollers, Dumbbells, or sit-up benches. 

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