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What You Really Need: A Checklist Of Kitchen Essentials

More than ever, the kitchen has proven true to its function as the powerhouse. With limited access to favorite restaurants and food spots, most of us are left with no option but to whoop killer meals by ourselves. The ones who were lucky enough to embrace cooking as a survival skill are smiling in the comfort of their homes. While the other faction may just have to sign up for tutorials on youtube. Whether you fall into the first category or belongs with the second, the right tools would make a difference in your experience. Wondering what you really need to make your kitchen comfortable? Here is a checklist of Kitchen Essentials for you

Small Appliances

I like to think of small appliances as kitchen ‘Helping hands’. These essentials are usually electronically powered but portable enough to be moved around. They are also very functional to get the job done. Thanks to technology, Investing in these are a sure way to cook with ease.


    Kitchen Essentials.Kitchen Essentials For You

Not only do microwaves ensure that food is ready at the shortest possible time, they are one of the safest ways to reheat, defrost, and even cook meals. Though a lot of controversies claim otherwise, A popular study asserts that microwaves are just as harmful as the light emitted from a bulb. If you touch it, it may burn you, but is useful enough to serve its purpose. The Hisense MWO microwave and the Galanz 20l Microwave Oven are few durable and affordable options for you. 

Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker - 2.8 Litres.   3L Rice Cooker

Many people wonder why they should place priority on a rice cooker when a pot can offer the same result. The reason is this; you know how slight mistakes could leave your rice meal soggy or burnt? A rice cooker would guard against that because it is specially designed to cook fast and present your grains in the best condition. The Quasa Rice cooker, Master Chef 3l Cooker, or The Philips cooker are few of the numerous options you could choose from. 


Stainless Steel Blender And Grinder Blg-605ss.  2 In 1 Ice Crusher Blender With Grinder.

It’s is always easier to prepare that delicious pot of stew, a nutritious cup of smoothie, or really yummy bean cakes when you have the right blender. Blenders have increasingly become a kitchen essential because they save you the stress of manual grinding or pounding. The more reason you should settle for a blender with good quality so it would serve you for a long time. The Kenwood ice-crushing blender is built for semi-tough foodstuff including grains, while the Binatone stainless steel blender is multipurpose for your fruits and even vegetables as well. 

Yam Pounder

 Yam Pounder With Timer.   Yam Pounder.

With the advent of modernization and technology to make life easy, It would be an aberration to envy anyone who still pounds yam with a mortar and pestle. Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with preparing a mouthwatering dish of pounded yam solely by exerting force on its pieces in a wooden hollow but why go through that stress when a yam pounder would produce even better results, while still saving time? Give the Qasa Yam Pounding Machine a chance or indulge with The Rico Yam Pounding Machine. The Eat Right yam pounder is also a durable option. Yam pounders are highly valuable as gift options for loved ones too. 

Dining Ware

Culinary experts would affirm that meal preparation is one thing, but its presentation is another. The right dining ware complements every meal so you have to be conscious of your choice of dining ware because it speaks volumes. Here are options that are essential for your kitchen

Cutlery Set

18/10 Stainless Steel Cutlery Set - 24 Piece .    Linda Barker Cutlery Set - 16 Pieces.

Cutleries come in handy for preparing and serving dishes. However, does the ‘missing cutlery phenomenon’ happen in your home? Do you wonder why the number of utensils keep reducing and where spoons, knives, and forks mysteriously disappear to? Well, you are not alone. Many households experience same. Rather than wonder, how about you replace them? It’s always easier to stock up on more cutleries. Get the Stainless steel tableware with 24 pieces or the Linda Barker Cutlery Set with 16 pieces to compliment your wares.

 Dining Table Mat

   Home and Kitchen EssentialsHome and Kitchen Essentials

The main reason table mats are essential is because it protects your surfaces from food spills and heat transfer. A good aesthetic choice might even add a pleasing ambiance to your dining space. 

Economy Bundles

    What You Really Need In Your Kitchen: A Checklist Of Kitchen EssentialsWhat You Really Need In Your Kitchen: A Checklist Of Kitchen Essentials

With these bundles, you get to save a whole lot of money on surplus Essentials and items for your kitchen. From deep fryers to whistling kettles, Pots, pans, gas cylinders, and a lot more. Home and kitchen bundle deals give you the opportunity to get more at less bargains. 

What You Really Need In Your Kitchen: A Checklist Of Kitchen Essentials

They say “Happiness is a small house with a big Kitchen”, I say ‘Happiness is a Comfortable Home with a Functional Kitchen’. Stock up on Discounted Home and Kitchen Essentials Today. Visit konga.com or walk into any Konga Retail Store near you for More. 


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