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The Summer Experience

I will always cherish my summer experience. I was thrilled to hear that, after eight years, I would finally be travelling with my family. Even though the trip was seven months away, I wanted to start packing immediately.

Luckily, those seven months went by quickly, and I saw myself packing my suitcase. 

The much-anticipated day finally arrived. I jumped out of bed and showered; the idea of walking away from reality for a while was exciting. I was all packed and had all my snacks ready for the plane, ready to go.

My family and I got to the airport a few minutes after we left home. Two excited children that couldn’t stop talking wasn’t the best experience for my mum. We checked in our luggage and received our boarding passes, and before we knew it, we were up in the clouds watching tv.

We landed about 6 hours later and got our luggage back. As I stepped out of the airport, I was filled with relief. The air was clean, and my nostrils were in heaven. I knew I was ready to start my holiday at that moment.

We visited a lot of places. Small shops, parks, train stations and even outdoor malls. Knowing myself, I left all the malls and shops with bags that had new items dragging my shoulders down, but it didn’t bother me because I was too happy to try on my new stuff. 

We visited cousins, aunties and uncles that I hadn’t met before, but I was so happy I got the chance to meet them. I hung out with my friends and watched new movies with them. I had even more fun than I expected.

My Summer Experience

Summer was moving so well until reality set in. It was time to return home because school resumption was around the corner. It was time to say goodbye to all new family and friends. I didn’t want to return home. I wanted to stay back and continue shopping. But like they say, all good things must end for better things to begin. 

We arrived at the airport and had our old and new luggage checked in. It didn’t take up to an hour before we finished all the processes and boarded. 

Everything and everywhere felt different when we arrived. My dad picked us up from the airport; it was good to see him again. Our cousins welcomed us, and we had so much fun that day. 

We rested for a day or two, and then it was time for school supply shopping. My brother and I drew up a list, and Mum scrutinized it. 

Surprisingly, she bought the items on our list on Konga.com without moving a muscle. She even saved N3,000 because things were very affordable on Konga. The next day, everything was delivered to our house.

As we unboxed them, we were even more thrilled by the excellent quality. 

My Summer experience is one I’ll never forget; it was phenomenal. But like I said, all good things must end for better things to begin.

It’s a new school session, and it’s time to return to business. I’ve got everything I need to excel and guess what? You, too, can. Just visit Konga.com and shop for quality school essentials. 

There you have it – My Summer Experience! Cheers




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