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Go Back To School With Nivea X Konga

Getting ready for school again brings a whole lot of emotions—some excited, some nervous.

 But guess what? Nivea can be your friend this time! And Konga is here to improve it in the “Go Back To School With Nivea X Konga” campaign.

This collabo offers exciting stuff that can make going back to school even cooler. 

Here’s how:

Feel More Confident: Starting your day with the Nivea shower gel doesn’t just make your skin soft; but makes you feel good too. Also, pairing it with a micellar water face cleanser can be a secret boost of confidence, and help you start your day strong.

Cool & Calm: School can be busy and sometimes stressful. Nivea’s products can help you feel calm. A Nivea strawberry lip balm can do the trick. Because just using them can be like a little break to help you relax and chill.

Keep Your Skin Nice: With Nivea’s body lotion and moisturizer, your skin stays hydrated, nourished, and healthy. Even when you’re busy with school, your skin deserves to look nice and feel great.

Be Yourself: Nivea deodorants help you be you! Being comfortable in your skin is important. Nivea’s antiperspirant sprays and deodorants can help you do just that. Show off your own style confidently.

Feel Cozy: Going from vacation to school can feel weird. But Nivea’s range of offers can help you make light work of this. It’s like a warm hug for your skin that helps you handle school better.

Look Ready: As a parent, help your kid look and feel ready for school. So, when they talk in class or engage in other activities, they feel totally prepared to rock it!

Learn About Self-Care: Nivea teaches you about taking care of yourself. Using their products shows you how important it is to look after yourself, which is super cool.


As you get ready for school’s resumption after the long summer break, remember that Nivea is like a special friend who can help you feel awesome. Because every time you use a Nivea product, it’s not just about your skin; it’s about feeling good inside too. 

Embark on this new school journey the right way.

Go Back To School With Nivea X Konga; put your best foot forward and remind yourself how awesome you are!


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