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The IDAN of Online Payments

As a shop owner, I’ve seen shege, shege banza, and shege Pro max.

Some customers come into my shop, buy items, and claim to have transferred money, but I do not see anything. Even when I visit the bank, nothing!

However, my neighbour Kelvin, with whom I am in the same hustle, has no such experiences. They say someone who asks questions does not miss his road, so I asked Kelvin to show me the way.

He introduced me to the Idan of Online Payments.

I’m sure you know what ‘Idan’ means because you too sabi. Idan is the mother that mothered their collective mothers. Idan is the Boss, the real GOAT, the Emperor, the Conqueror, the Champion, and the Lion.

After months of transacting on KongaPay, I can confidently state that Idan is KongaPay.

You see, in this day and age of cashless transactions and instant payments, KongaPay is one of the most convenient daily transaction methods. It is an effortless and trusted gateway for all online transactions. When a transaction occurs, you will be notified immediately.

With a KongaPay account, you can: 
  • Send and receive money across platforms from anyone you want using your mobile number.
  • Top up your airtime instantly with no extra charges.
  • Avoid long queues and a delayed process while renewing your TV Subscription.
  • Pay electricity bills and any other E-bill
  • Shop online or make online payments seamlessly.

Just like me, you can benefit from Idan. All you need to do is:

  • Visit www.kongapay.com on your browser
  • Click on sign up
  • Fill up your details. Your details are encrypted.
  • Click on continue

 The IDAN of Online Payments

What Idan can do for you is unlimited.

Visit www.kongapay.com to GET STARTED or Download the KongaPay App from the Play Store or App Store for easy access.

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