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Everything You Need To Know About The 3 KYC Levels On KongaPay

KongaPay allows you to control your funds, buy digital goods, and pay bills quickly, all in one place with no hidden costs or extra charges. You can sign up and start using the App from the comfort of your home, wherever you are, whenever you want. 


However, Know Your Customer (KYC) is essential to our user onboarding journey and allows us to understand KongaPay App users better. We identify our users and enable them to carry out various transactions on KongaPay through the KYC process. 


Financial institutions are required to collect extensive customer information as part of the KYC regulation. Examples of this information include the customer’s full name, Date of Birth, Resident Address, Phone number, Verified Email Address, Passport Photograph etc.

We obtain this information to allow new and old users to access their KongaPay wallet and transact without restriction. 


The 3 KYC Levels on KongaPay


You can perform various transactions on KongaPay, depending on your level. 


1 – Lite: You can perform zero transactions on this level. 

2 – Classic: You can only carry out N10,000 per transaction and N20,000 per day. 

3 – Premium: You will perform N500,000 per transaction and N2m per day. 


Everything You Need To Know About The 3 KYC Levels on KongaPay

How to upgrade to classic 


  • Upload your profile picture
  • Update your BVN
  • Upload your government-issued ID (example: NIMC, International passport, Voter’s card, Driver’s license)


How to upgrade to premium 


Verify your address and upload a Utility Bill issued within the last six months. Utility bills can be LAWMA, PHCN, Water Bills, etc. 


It is essential to complete your KYC and start enjoying limitless transactions today. Visit www.kongapay.com to GET STARTED. Also, you can Download the KongaPay App from the Play Store or App Store for easy access.


Additionally, for any assistance with the KYC Levels on KongaPay, kindly reach out to complaints@kongapay.com 


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