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Shine Your Eyes! Let Nothing Pass You By This Season

We’ve been settling fight since yesterday. All I can tell you is that you need to shine your eyes these days.

Francis has been buying electricity units every five days, like he runs a bread factory in his apartment. He initially thought that he was the issue, most likely because of his appliances, but when he finally had enough, he called an electrician to inspect his meter. 

Guess what? Tunde, his neighbour, tapped a wire from his meter and enjoyed power even more than Francis.   

If that isn’t wickedness, I don’t know what is. Francis had the feeling, but he ignored it. Most of the time, we ignore our gut feelings. For example, did you know that days spent without taking advantage of the KongaPay 5% discount are considered days off? 

Please don’t sleep on a bicycle; It’s Awoof season and raining discounts on Kongapay. You’ll enjoy a 5% discount on airtime and data purchases, TV subscriptions and Internet services capped at N500. 

If we don’t offer you discounts, who will?

KongaPay remains the most convenient way to buy electricity, top-up data, Cable TV subscriptions, airtime purchases, receive and transfer funds and lots more.

Konga Pay

To get started, 

  • Visit kongapay.com on your browser
  • Click on sign up
  • Fill up your details. Your details are encrypted.
  • Click on continue

Download the KongaPay App from the Play Store or App Store for easy access today.

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