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Romance Beyond Horror

Do you love Horror Movies?

Yes? No?

Well, I don’t know about you, but for me, Horror movies and I have a history I won’t forget in a rush.

So, take a walk with me down memory lane, and let me tell you how I got the girl with the help of the movie “The Conjuring” and some tips from the Gentle Man’s Handbook.

Mary was this girl I greatly admired, not just because of her looks but the many fine qualities she possessed. And honestly, her past relationships didn’t really give her the best choice in men. But I could relate cause, believe me, I’ve been there.

We met in the most unorthodox way. Not your typical diner in a nice restaurant or getting ice cream together. We met at an interview for FirstChoice somewhere in Lagos.

Unconventional as it seemed, it was the realest thing to happen. Mary was coming in for an interview while I was just leaving after seeing a friend. Like I said earlier, “Mary is real fine,” 

Phew! It took the grace of God and my comedy skills to get her number that day.

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Anyway, fast forward to today. We got talking, and we’ve been in the talking stage for two months now, and I really like Mary. She’s a bit shy, but I know she really likes me too. We’ve been on a few dates and have gotten quite comfortable with ourselves. 

But she’s never been to my place, and we have yet to make our relationship official. But hopefully, that’s about to change.

We’ve decided to have an indoor date with games, some Netflix, and Chill. I’ve got Popcorn, French Fries, Chinese Takeouts, and Barbecue Chicken. I know how much she loves the movies, so to make the evening special, I got some scented candles to enhance the ambience. 

But nothing could compare to the Samsung 85′ LED TV I purchased just last week from Konga. 

We were to see a horror movie, and the first one to scream or freak out was to do the dishes. Well, I won, obviously. Mary and I were taken in by the ambience and features that come with the Samsung 85′ LED TV that we didn’t know when it got so late.

At past 10 pm, it was time for her to say goodbye; our moment of truth was here. I urged her to stay so she could have enough time to decide about us. But she hugged me instead and said she’d chat me up when she got home.

Five minutes after she had left, I still stood at the closed door, wondering what went wrong. Just when I had given up, I heard my doorbell ring, snapping me out of my thoughts. I charged for the door, wondering who could be looking for me so late at night.

My surprise quickly faded when I saw Mary at the door, grinning at me from ear to ear. 

“Yippee,” I thought, dancing for joy inside. “I guess she decided to stay after all.”


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