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Ready To Unwind This Weekend?

Its Friday — Finally! While we got to excitedly countdown alongside you, we know you can’t wait for the two-day relaxation spree ahead.  Are you ready to unwind with the weekend? Here are a few great tips to have you revitalized and ready in the new week.


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Weekends were originally meant for rest. The concept of “weekends” did not begin to take form until the Industrial Revolution of the late 1800s. Before this time, factory workers had to put up with working seven days per week. Can you even begin to imagine how working every day without rest felt? Thank goodness for the weekends of this era. Thankfully, you do not have to step out of bed when your alarm goes off. It is now possible to spend those extra hours in bed.

Mentally detach from anything work related and just take time off to yourself.

Organize Yourself

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While you have spent every day of the weekday ensuring everything on the work front is in order, now is the time to ensure everything else around you is in order as well. Do well to take out your laundry, organize your closet, declutter, and get everything you have been procrastinating done.


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Yep! Weekends are for parties. While we insist you should make out time to rest and mentally declutter, we, however, would never root for your missing out on any “Owambe” celebration, Hanging out with friends or spending quality time with your loved ones. Remember, You Only Live Once; make everyday count. Weekends inclusive!

Prepare for the New Week

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We spend nearly five days of the week anticipating a weekend that sadly lasts only two days.

Don’t be so carried away with unwinding in the weekend that you forget there is a new week just by the corner. Ensure you are ready for the impending new week. Start positive. Begin by making a To-Do-List of all you hope to achieve in the new week. Get your hair done, your nails ready, your closet in order, and your mind motivated for the new week.


Part of your unwinding this weekend should include ‘filling up your shopping cart’. You would agree with me that Shopping is therapeutic. Research has even proven that shopping could cure a hangover 🙂 Get ready for the new week this weekend by stocking up on all you need from fashion items, Home and kitchen accessories, Groceries, Electronics, and more. Save the energy you would ordinarily expend in wandering through a market or a crowded store. Visit www.konga.com for the best deals Ever.

Shop from the comfort of your home, and have all you need delivered to your doorstep. In the alternative, walk into any KONGA Retail Store near you for a seamless shopping experience. May the Fun begin!

With KONGA, Shop Smart; Live Well.


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