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Choosing a Wrist Piece

A wristwatch speaks volumes of an individual’s sense of style. These days, wrist watches have become such an important accessory that having more than one to compliment various outfits isn’t such a bad idea. With the many style trends, brands, and the multitude of wristwatch designs out there, choosing a wrist piece may not be as easy as you think. Here are factors to consider before deciding which wrist watch is best for you.

Determine Your Budget

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Wristwatches are one of the handiest pieces of jewelry. Before you decide on the exact type of wrist watch you want, it is important that first, you determine how much is to be set aside for the purchase. As diverse as watches are, so also do the price ranges differ.

Cheap watches are often less durable than expensive ones. This, however, does not mean that you should spend exorbitantly on a timepiece to the detriment of your pocket. You are to spend wisely based on the value you expect.

Find A watch that Matches your personality

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What exactly are you looking for in a wrist piece? Are you after a luxurious piece? An antique piece? A sophisticated one? Or just a trendy piece? Whatever your preference is, ensure you get an amazing watch that goes in sync with your personal sense of style and taste. Whichever wrist piece you settle for, should be able to compliment your personality while serving its purpose.

Find the Right watch for the Right Purpose

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Wristwatches are one of the most functional accessories ever. “Unlike diamonds, wrist watches are practical”. While a wrist piece is designed to keep time, it could also go a long way in making a lasting statement. Analogue faced wrist watches are traditional designs mostly used in formal contexts while its digital counterpart is thought to go more in casual contexts.

To suit your personal taste and purpose, you could choose materials from gold, silver, leather, Platinum, Titanium, and more.

Take Note Of Extra Features

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In addition to the basic functions of a wrist piece, most sophisticated ones now come with added features to spice things up a bit. Would you prefer a Smartwatch with a fitness tracker? Or a water-resistant piece? A wrist piece with an alarm or a timer? Or an illuminated one? Ensure you take note of the extra features available while deciding on the particular wrist piece to go for.

Find a Retailer You Trust

It is one thing to know “what you want, it is another to know “where” what you want can be found. KONGA offers the best prices on the most sought after wrist watch brands. Not only is KONGA trusted for the best offers in products and services; It is also possible to get the wrist piece you so desire in the BUY NOW, PAY LATER Scheme. Here you can spread payment for heavily prices goods in installments for as long as 12 months.

A Wristwatch goes beyond a device for timekeeping. It is a crafted piece of art designed for the wrist. Visit www.konga.com for the best deals on Wrist Watches and Time Pieces. In the alternative, walk into any Konga Retail Store near you for more exciting offers.

With KONGA, Shop Smart; Live Well.


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