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No Gree! Here’s How To Improve Your Financial Status This Year

2024 is progressing swiftly and before you know it, we will be in the year’s second half. While some people are still struggling with their cycle of debts in 2023 due to the increased cost of living, others are trying to bounce back from the festive period’s financial strain. 

You can, however, get back on track by exercising a little more discipline and making wise financial decisions. You must exercise discipline, accountability, and realism to plan or shape your financial objectives.

We have put together a few tips to improve your financial status in 2024. By following these steps, you will have firm control over your finances.  

Map out a financial plan

You need to have a plan for everything you want to accomplish. Set out your goals. What will you benefit from your goals if they succeed? Giving your plan a timeframe will help you remain disciplined and committed. 

Put a stop to impulsive spending

For most people, impulsive spending is a major problem. Eating out, shopping, and making impulsive internet purchases. This is a surefire way to fall into severe financial trouble. You can effectively minimise your impulse spending by exercising complete control and discipline.

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Analyse your spending 

Try a One Month Challenge if you haven’t kept track of your spending before. After that, assess your financial situation to see what you can eliminate from your budget. Determine which expenses are essential, then cut the ones that aren’t. The good thing is that KongaPay lets you check your spending history with just one click. 

Automate Savings

Prioritise this above all else. Set up a regular transfer of funds from your salary account to your savings account and make it the first bill you pay every payday. Ensure this transaction is completed each payday without giving it a second thought.

You can take charge of your finances and eventually improve your financial status by following these rules.


Download the KongaPay App on the App Store or Google Play Store to get started today. 



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