Men’s Style: A Pro Guide To Smart Casual Looks In 2024


Smart casual has been a thing for decades and is unlikely to go away anytime soon. With a look that is smart and at the same time casual, you can go from the office to a date without having to worry about your appearance. 

If you’re stuck or looking for inspiration, here are a few things you need to know about getting the perfect smart casual look.

Minimal is More 

When in doubt, stay moderate. Stick to tried-and-true wardrobe mainstays like basic knits, Oxford shirts, chinos, dark denim pants, and blazers. Smart casual often looks best when it is kept simple.

Contrasting Colours

For a bit of versatility, wear a mismatched blazer and a pair of pants. Also, stick to subdued, complementary colours. Classic grey wool pants with a navy blazer and a white shirt are a win any day just as earthy colours like green, stone, and brown give a subtle look.

Perfect The Details

We recommend keeping things simple and mastering the art of smart casual because they make a difference. Pay attention to the details. Ensure that your trousers aren’t too long and that your shoes are clean or polished. Also, ensure that your belt and shoes don’t clash; details are crucial.

Smart Casual

All black

If you’re unsure what to wear, go for an all-black smart-casual look. It also exudes a certain level of sophistication often lacking in more colourful clothing.

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Jacket with Jeans

This classic ensemble is a must-have for casual looks, but it must be worn correctly. You need an unstructured cut with natural, unpadded shoulders for the blazer. This makes it seem less formal and less like you threw your suit jacket over the first pair of jeans you came across. Also, your pants should be dark and straight to complement the blazer’s sophisticated style.

Wearing a smart casual outfit exudes confidence and garners admiration from others. One of the goals this new year is to look smart and make more money. Shop casual looks here today at up to 60% off.

Shop Smart, Live Well