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Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Phenomenal Dad

Nothing beats a father’s undying love and devotion. Not only do they make the world go round, they make countless sacrifices for the people they care about, and most times even put in extra work just to make sure their tribe is comfortable. Now is the perfect time to let all phenomenal daddies know we see what they do, and appreciate all efforts they make. Looking out for the perfect father’s day gift? Let’s help you celebrate your dad with these perfect gift ideas

Gift ideas for the Fashion Lover


Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Phenomenal Dad    Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Phenomenal Dad

The olfactory function is said to be the most closely linked to memory. Nothing shows how much you care like the gift of a rich blend of earthy, musky, or fruity notes. This is one reason why a perfume must be amongst the gift ideas you curate for your dad this year. Of the many choices out there, the charismatic and bold Bvlgari Men in Black with its intense composition of amber, leather, spices, and wood is one to reach for. Christian Dior’s Sauvage with its radically fresh and noble undertones inspired by the blue sky is also a top choice for the modern man.

Wrist Watches

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Phenomenal Dad    Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Phenomenal Dad

Everyman deserves a solid wrist piece. The reason is simple, people look at a wristwatch and it represents the value and personal style of the wearer. Going by popular opinion, a wristwatch spells more class than it is given credit for. Of all the classic ways to reiterate how special fathers are, a wristwatch takes pride of place. The Reward classic Men’s watch is a delectable piece for fashion lovers. Its multifunction and high-quality features, laden with subdials, and a calendar for dates is a plus. The Micheal Kors Dylan piece is another big, bold, and amazing piece your dad would also love.

Gift Ideas for the Fitness Guru

Fitness Wrist Band

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Phenomenal Dad    Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Phenomenal Dad

A healthy lifestyle is the key to longevity. If you care about him, you’ll help him live a long and healthy life. With age comes the renewed need to be more health-conscious, as such the Healbe weight loss fitness tracker is one gift every father would appreciate. Its highly reputed non-invasive technology is second to none and keeps track of stress levels, activity levels, sleep, hydration, heart rate, and step pedometer. The Polar M430 Gps watch is another good option. This choice provides detailed fitness information while also offering guidance on further health improvement if need be. 

Personal Blender

    Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Phenomenal DadFather’s Day Gift Ideas For The Phenomenal Dad

A smoothie a day may keep the doctor at bay. At least that’s what health experts say when they recount the many benefits of fruits and vegetables. Smoothies are a great way to package nutrient-rich fiber in drinkable form. Rather than have to buy commercially produced ones, you could get your dad a personal blender so he makes his smoothies when, and however he wants. The Breville blend-active comes with two 600ml sports bottles marked with measuring guides on the side. It is slender enough to fit into car and bike cup holders. The shake and Make Smoothie maker is another lightweight, shatter, and stain-resistant choice. Both are great for mixing cocktails, protein shakes, and smoothies at a go. 

Gift Ideas for the Working Dad


    Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Phenomenal DadFather’s Day Gift Ideas For The Phenomenal Dad

If your dad has been spending more time working from home lately, then having an office set up, for him to be more productive isn’t such a bad idea. A large Monitor is one thing that may actualize this feel. The Dell 22” Monitor in 1920 x 1080 Full resolution(display) is designed for a peaceful and optimal experience. Its sturdy stand allows users to easily tilt to preferred viewing angles. While the HP 20.7” HDMI Monitor V214a presents an irresistible offer of connectivity and adaptability all in one unique package. Your dad would surely thank you for these. 

Wireless Headphones

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Phenomenal Dad     Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Phenomenal Dad

Even dads need a break too. No doubt being a father is a full-time job, but a pair of wireless headphones may just be the break every father needs for a ‘me time’. The Samsung Gear IconX wireless Bluetooth earphones are equipped with inbuilt sensors that are easy to control on a single touch. Audio tracks can easily be controlled while incoming calls, can be accepted or rejected at a tap. The TWS wireless Bluetooth earpiece is another spectacular bit with completely wireless technology for dad’s music during workouts or ease during work calls. 


       Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Phenomenal DadFather’s Day Gift Ideas For The Phenomenal Dad

Art is a unique form of self-expression. If he’s got an eye for the finer things of life, then you won’t go wrong with giving him a beautiful piece of art. See HERE for more options.

Books and Media

   Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Phenomenal DadFather’s Day Gift Ideas For The Phenomenal Dad

Knowledge is ageless, and timeless too. The beauty of knowledge is that it’s never too much nor too late to be acquired. Treat your dad to a good book in the genre of his preference and watch him beam in appreciation.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Phenomenal Dad

Dads are definitely one of the greatest gifts to humanity. No doubt they deserve all the love there is to give. Celebrate your dad today and always. Visit Konga.com or walk into any Konga retail store today for more.



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