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Christmas Gift Ideas for The Child You Love

Christmas is around the corner. It’s the season of unboxing exciting packages, and your children, nieces, nephews, and little friends shouldn’t be left out. 

We understand how tedious picking out gifts for kids can be. Don’t think shopping gifts for the little ones is as easy as it sounds. Wait until one of the children you are looking to give a gift mutters “I don’t like this toy”, then the importance of this activity becomes all the more glaring.

Not to worry, Konga.com has come to the rescue with this comprehensive guide. Now the chances of you going wrong with your Christmas gifts are almost zero to none.

Color Me Books

If you are thinking of something fun and at the same time capable of adding developmental benefits, then try gifting your little one with a Colour Me book. Colour Me books have proven to be a fun tool for kids and relieve adults’ stress and anxiety.

Kids’ Bicycle 

This beautiful bicycle comes with a water bottle. It is long-lasting, simple to use and perfect for a learning child. Children can embark on fantastic adventures on the sports kids’ bicycle. It has various accessories that guarantee riders’ comfort and safety, including helmets, learner-supporting wheels, free-wheel pedal systems, and adjustable seat heights.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Children’s Violin with Case Bow

Everything a kid needs to get started;  Violin, bow, case, rosin, and high-quality strings. This is a low-cost way to see if your child enjoys playing the fiddle. The violin has a solid spruce top, solid maple back and sides, and a solid maple neck with an oiled finish.

Zinox Kids Legacy Tab Pro Max

Kids love tablets and smartphones. They are constantly drawn to our mobile devices. Get your Kids the Zinox Legacy Tablet, which has communication, gaming, and learning applications.

Skate Board 

Skateboarding is a sport and form of art. Children have been doing it for decades, and it has become an extreme sport. However, we must supervise them while riding it. Purchase this for your little ones and watch their faces light up with delight.

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There you have it on Christmas Gift Ideas for The Child You Love. Play the role of big Aunty or Uncle this Christmas by doing something unique for the kids in your life that they will never forget. With the ongoing Konga Naija Shopping Festival, you’ll get fantastic gifts at the best prices, up to 60% off, only on Konga. 

Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to put a smile on the face of that child you love. 



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