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The Best & Most Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

It’s beginning to smell like Christmas, and we know what this particular season means. It’s that time of the year to give gifts. 

It makes sense if you have trouble deciding what to buy your loved ones, family, and friends. But believe me, nobody wants to hear that the “economy is not smiling” or that you were too busy to choose something. 

As a result, we have curated the best and most affordable gift ideas for you to choose from this Christmas. Here they are; 


Gifts of perfumes are very popular with everyone. Although choosing the right scent can be difficult, going wrong with the right perfume is impossible. While some women like their fragrance to be flowery, others prefer a hint of masculinity. Some guys like it woodsy; some guys like it oriental. Whatever your choice is, check out our selection of perfumes and scented oils for men and women.


Like tires on an automobile, accessories hold great significance for women. A woman’s wardrobe just doesn’t fit right without the appropriate accessories. Women genuinely swoon over accessories ranging from bold sunglasses to exquisite handbags and statement jewellery pieces.


Video games are fast becoming a popular gift option for men. Save a lot of money when you get him the PlayStation 5 on Konga, and you’ll thank me later.


Whether it’s a pair of casual shoes, fashionable sandals, slippers, trendy loafers, or sneakers, we have affordable ranges for all genders to suit your budget. 

Gift Ideas


Gadget gifts for men are ideal for the tech enthusiast. Get him that gadget he’s always wanted or anything that piques his interest. If you’re unsure which one will appeal to him, look at our selection of phones, laptops, and tablets.


A gift hamper is an excellent idea because it usually includes various items, from provisions to toiletries and everyday necessities. Our Christmas hampers are well-stocked with groceries to provide the best value. 


You might wonder if home appliances or kitchen wares make good holiday gifts. If Gadgets are a popular holiday gift, how much more functional kitchen and home items? Start your search for the best appliance for your family right here

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It’s not always possible to please everyone, but making an effort this holiday season is usually worthwhile. Furthermore, with the Konga Naija Shopping Festival, you can get these gifts at up to 60% off and have them delivered right to your door. 

That’s not all. 

KongaPay has a Christmas gift for you as well. This season, you’ll enjoy a 5% discount on all bill payments, airtime and data purchases, electricity bills and other E-bills. Simply visit www.kongapay.com to get started today. 

In this season of togetherness and love, collective family gifts aim at uniting and bringing a bond. You’ve seen these gift ideas, but remember, it isn’t always the gift that matters, but the thoughts behind it. 




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