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4 Different Ways To Style A Blazer For Men

With how fluid dress codes are these days, it is increasingly becoming difficult to decide what to wear to certain events. I’m sure both men, and women experience wardrobe dilemmas alike so if you ever find yourself in a dilemma on what to wear, the easiest way to bail yourself is to reach for a blazer. 

Blazers are the most acceptable way to go from casual to formal in an instant. Still in doubt? Here are 4 different ways to style your blazer to taste  

Pair a blazer with Jeans, Shorts, Or Chinos

4 Different Ways To Style A Blazer For Men

When you think of blazers, the first combo that probably comes to mind is pairing it with Jean/Chinos trousers, or a nice pair of shorts. For a super stylish and enviable look, you could try rocking your jacket with fashionable rips or a well-fitted pair of jeans. Pulling this off properly, will certainly leave a lasting impression in any room you walk into.

 Blazers With T-Shirts or Polo Shirts

4 Different Ways To Style A Blazer For Men

Blazers and polos are a handy match because polos have the unique ability to tone down the formal nature of any blazer thus achieving a more relaxed look. Planning a date soon? An engagement party, a get together with friends, or a business meeting? If you ever find yourself racking your brains on what to wear then I’m here to let you know that there’s no better way to turn up looking all classy than in a custom fitted blazer accompanied by a nice T-shirt, or polo underneath. 

Try Different Prints and Patterns

4 Different Ways To Style A Blazer For Men

Variety is essentially the spice of life. Imagine how boring it would be to have a monochrome closet only. You can go steps ahead to add a dynamic twist to your wardrobe by adding vibrant blazer prints, prominent color, and interesting patterns. For a totally stunning look, you can even go ahead to step up your ensemble with a nice pair of sneakers, super nice Chelsea boots or trendy brogue shoes. 

Make Sure To opt For The Right Fit

4 Different Ways To Style A Blazer For Men

The right ‘fit’ and ‘structure’ is everything to a gentleman’s closet. Too tight would either leave you looking like a clown or have you so uncomfortable. Wearing ill fitted clothes is generally considered a fashion faux pas and most people are not lucky enough to get away with it. A well tailored but affordable blazer would always beat an expensive but ill-fitted one any day. 

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