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3 Types of Men No Woman Can Resist

Every woman loves a man who treats her with dignity, respect, love and decency. A man who disrespects a woman and constantly makes her feel inferior is not someone any woman wants to be with. 

However, every woman has a specific type of man she wants to be with and based on popular opinion, these types of men fall into every bucket.  

A Congenial Man

This type of man carries himself with class and has a pleasant, upbeat demeanor, making him even more attractive. Congenial men are usually the ones who keep everything together. They are endearing and free-spirited, always making everyone around them happy. Women adore them for being a pleasure to be around and always making them feel at ease. 

Furthermore, these men are not only physically attractive, but they are also intelligent, mature, and experienced. 

A Hardworking And Successful Man

This is the ambitious, successful man who tries to solidify his position in the corporate world. They drive slick cars, wear pricey suits, and flaunt their quality wristwatches. They smell of success, wear expensive items and have the most exquisite bachelor residences. 

All of this, however, does not imply that he is fake, superficial, or materialistic. Instead, it only highlights the enormity of his ambitions, and possessing material goods indicates his willingness to succeed.

These men never compromise on their work ethic. They are tenacious and industrious. You won’t find them working a half-hearted job or not giving it their all because they value consistency and commitment. 

Sweet And Romantic Men 

These men appear as though they are straight out of a romantic comedy. They satiate women’s romantic fantasies about romance, love, and dating. They achieve extravagant romantic gestures whenever possible because they firmly believe in the power of romance. 

Types of men

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