Yakata Way To Go: 2 Days To Konga Yakata 2023

Konga yakata 2023

Everyone has had an eventful year and fortunately, Konga Yakata 2023 is just around the corner to provide some solace. 

As is customary, the Konga Yakata season brings a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stock your home on a budget. With only two days until the biggest sales event of the year, we hope you are ready to do your biggest shopping of the year!

It’s four weeks of irresistible discounts across all of our categories. Make your list today and get ready to save up to 85% off must-have items from November 1st to November 30th, 2023

One of my favourite incentives for this year’s Yakata Black Friday sale is the KongaPay Yakata Xtra. Yes, you read that right! KongaPay offers instant 10% off your cart value once you pay with your KongaPay wallet

As we anticipate all the good things set to roll in, here are a few exciting things to watch out for in Konga Yakata 2023 

Discounts Everywhere

It is no longer a secret that there will be a deluge of deals on Konga. Keep your social media notifications turned on and an eye out for up to 85% off all items across all categories.

Flash Sales 

Konga Yakata 2023 will expose you to the most incredible offers on the Konga Website. Stay glued for all the sauce.

Treasure Hunt for the Sharpest Eyes and Fastest Fingers 

You know how people embark on expeditions and even go as far as digging up treasure chests? All of such adventures would be going down on www.konga.com 

Live Auction 

With the all-new KongaTV, our live Auctions have reached a new level. You’ll get the best deals brought to your screen in real time. 

Fashion Haul 

This is your opportunity to have a wardrobe revamp on a budget. You’ll be opportune to shop the best fashion brands at up to 85%. 

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The magnitude of discounts coming up for grabs would be so good even your enemy should not miss out.

Konga Yakata 2023 is about making every aspect of your life better without stretching your budget. Visit konga.com or any of our stores nationwide to enjoy up to 85% off selected items. 

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