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Yakata Way To Go: 10 Interesting Facts About Konga Yakata 2019

With just 9 days left to the biggest Sales Event of the year; I’m hoping you are as geared up as I am. By ‘Geared up’ i mean – your shopping carts should be READY for a FILL while your social media notifications should be turned on because… it’s about to go DOWN!

As we anticipate all the good things set to roll in; Here are 10 interesting facts you should not miss in Konga Yakata 2019.

1) Discounts Everywhere

It is no longer a secret that there would be a hailstorm of deals everywhere on Konga. Stay tuned for up to 90% off all items across categories.

2) Flash Sales 

Konga Yakata 2019 would be exposing you to the coolest offers on the Konga Website. Stay glued for all the sauce.

3) Treasure Hunt for the Sharpest eyes and Fastest Fingers!

You know how people embark on expeditions, and even go as far as digging up treasure chests? All of such adventures would be going down on www.konga.com every Friday from the 15th of November, until the 6th of December 2019.

4) Travel Deals and More Discounts 

Konga Yakata would be the best time to book that trip you have been procrastinating. Save up for anywhere in the world you would want to travel to travel.konga.com has got you covered

5) Monday Midday Madness is a Movement!

By noon every Monday, the magnitude of discounts coming up for grabs would be so good, even your enemy should not miss out.

6) Call In to Cash In

 Let’s imagine you mistakenly let all the juicy discounts pass you by. No worries; you are just one phone call away from getting them back. Stay tuned to Dstv Channel 369 every Saturday from the 16th of November until the 7th of December 2019 for a live sales show.

7) Fast, Efficient and Free Delivery Nationwide

An efficient fleet is already on standby for the timely delivery of packages anywhere within Nigeria. They are on ground even for deliveries right to your doorstep.

8) WALK-IN Discounts Every Wednesday Nationwide

Just by walking into any Konga Retail, you stand the chance of carting home the an entire store because I can assure you that the discounts would definitely WOW you!

9) Social Media Live Giveaways and Freebies 

See why i said you should do well to keep all your notifications turned on?

10) Black Friday Sale is Thrill!

Now, this is the best part… Are you aware that Every Friday from the 11th of November, until the 12th of December 2019 is going to be a Shopping Holiday?

Dear Shopaholics, Are you Ready???

To make matters even more interesting than it already seems, There isn’t just 1 black Friday in Konga’s Yakata. There are 4 whole Black Fridays just for you! 

Let’s face it, you have no excuse to NOT shop to your fill. There is so much to go round everyone.

Stay Geared Up!

Visit www.konga.com for more details.

Ekemini Dickson
Greek Yogurt And Everything Nice!

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