Why You Should Drink More Water and Mind Your Business This Week


Over the weekend, I got punched in the face because I saw two people fighting and went to settle the quarrel. I’d just moved into my new apartment, and the mistake I made was not first getting to learn how things worked in the compound.

I was cooking when I heard the noise from the next flat. A few minutes later, a lady ran out of the apartment shouting, “If you’re a man, come out here.”

To my surprise, the man ran after her, and they began wrestling. I had never seen a thing like that in my entire life – a couple fighting in the middle of the compound while everyone pretended not to see them.

I quickly ran to separate them, and the result was a bleeding nose.

It’s a new week, and I have resolved to focus more on healthy living, which includes minding my business. I implore you to join me. Here are some healthy tips we are all encouraged to imbibe as we proceed on this healthy living journey.

Drink Water, Stay Hydrated

The human body is composed of water. Some of these fluids are lost with ageing and daily activities and must be replaced. Therefore, eating foods high in water content and using a pet water bottle to measure your water intake are helpful strategies for monitoring your water levels.


Prioritise Fruits

Fruits contain the highest concentrations of all vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. I agree that fruits aren’t the most exciting snacks, but thankfully, smoothies are a delicious alternative. You can do it yourself with a smoothie blender and enjoy a variety of blended fruit combinations without stress. 

Sports and Fitness

Exercise improves your vital functions while decreasing your risk of developing terminal illnesses. Shop our selection of sports and fitness equipment today and start that workout already. 

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