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Who Says Dark-skin Doesn’t Need Sunscreen?

I’ve heard quite a number of people get defensive at the mention of a ‘Sunscreen’. I also know a few, who think sunscreens are a cosmetic triviality, made specifically for light-skinned people in beach settings. But whoever said dark skin does not need sunscreen? As a matter of fact, while people with dark skin are less sensitive to the harsh rays of the sun as compared to the light-skinned folks, melanin would not protect you from the harmful effects that come after an exposure. Here are 5 reasons why applying a sunscreen should be an unavoidable part of your daily routine.

Shields you from harmful UV Rays

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The ozone layer is depleting fam! It is not a myth. This depletion implies that harmful ultraviolet rays that would ordinarily not come down to us are everywhere in the atmosphere and this is not good for your skin. These harmful rays, however, do not affect specific skin types alone, everyone is at risk. Sunscreens are made up of chemical and physical properties that focus on bouncing off these harmful rays from your skin thus shielding you.

Keeps Premature Aging At Bay

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Your skin is the fastest indicator of age. As we age, it loses its elasticity which in turn causes the skin to sag. Who doesn’t love their skin looking young and beautiful? Research has shown that people before the age of 55 who used sunscreens religiously aged slower than those who did not use it at all. 

Helps Maintain Your Complexion

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Overexposure to sunlight can cause sunburn which would, in turn, result in blotches and discolorations on your skin. Using a sunscreen judiciously would prevent all of these while promoting an even-out complexion. A good sunscreen could also double as a body lotion. Some come with extra hydrating properties and an assortment of natural ingredients for the safety of your skin. 

Lowers Your Risk of Skin Cancer by 70%

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The health benefits of sunscreens are an added benefit to its use.  Sunscreens contain sun protection properties(SPF). A large percent of skin cancers are associated with exposure to ultraviolet rays. Regularly using a sunscreen prior to sun exposure has been proven to reduce the risk of skin cancer by over 70%. Regardless of the fact that light-skinned people are most susceptible to cancers of the skin, there is no guarantee that melanin offers complete protection either. 

Sunscreens Are Like Supplements For Your Skin

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I’m sure you are wondering… ‘why can’t I just use sun-protective clothing or an umbrella instead of sunscreen?

While wearing sun-protective clothing offers protection from the sun, the protective capabilities of these clothes are reduced when they are wet. Sweat and exposure to water reduce the ability of these clothes to protect your skin. In addition to this, it is rare to find sunscreens that are not fortified with extra vitamins. This way, Not only does your skin stay protected, it is nourished as well. Beautiful skin is always in vogue. Take care of yours.

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