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The Ultimate Style Guide for Men

Style for Men combines grooming tips and the art of dressing well. Dressing well is a Skill and like every other skill, it gets better with practice. Right here is The Ultimate Style Guide for Men.

Organize your Wardrobe

Image result for male closet organisation images

Everyone is familiar with the fact that a man’s closet can sometimes be a battle zone. The first step to being a classic man is to change the narrative. Organize your closet in such a way that you can find what you want when you need it.

Ties and Bow ties could be Fun

 Paisley Patterned Neck Tie for MenUnisex Metal Bow Tie

Ties and bow ties are like the shoelace of an ensemble. Imagine wearing shoes that need to be laced without its lace? Not cool at all. Whether for a 9/5 appointment, or a grand event, with a tie or bow tie, you can never go wrong.

 A Good wristwatch Screams Class

Fossil Grant Black Male Wrist Watch Navy Force Luxury Waterproof Wrist Watch

Good wrist watches can be likened to the icing on a delicious cake. We already know the cake tastes good, but the icing contributes to its flavor and improves the cake’s appearance. Stylish men have more than one wristwatch to complement various outfits.

Facial Hair Should be Deliberate

Beard Care Kit For Men  Fragrance free Beard Care Oil with Conditioner

Growing a full beard is not impossible. With the right beard care products and PROPER Grooming, your beard could be goals. Be intentional! Trim the edges of your beards and keep it clean.

There are More Shoe Colours than Black and Brown 

Black/White Loafer Flats For Men  Navy Blue Suede Brogue

Great taste in shoes is often the first thing women notice in Men. Stylish men are not limited to just black and brown shoes. There are endless collections of great looking and durable footwear to choose from.

Own More Shoes

 Red Men's Oxford Shoes Breathable Men's Canvas Shoe

Steve Madden Virgil Sneakers  Grey Slip On Loafer

The value of a man’s footwear is underrated. Your choice of footwear could make or mar your dressing. Stock up on different designs and styles.

 Boutonnieres are for Lapels

Black Boutonniere Pin  Orange Lapel Pin

Nothing adds that extra dose of confidence to a man’s outfit like a boutonniere. Flowers are a symbol of fragile life and the beauty of nature. But what is masculinity without a dainty touch?

Sunglasses are Part of An Outfit

Polarised Sunglasses  Ray Ban Aviator Glasses

There are two types of men in the world. The ‘classic aviator’ type of man, and the man who is daring enough to try more styles of sunglasses. Whichever category you belong, there’s something HERE for you.

 Coloured Trousers are In Vogue

Marks and Spencer's Teal Coloured Chinos Light Blue Check Trousers

African Print Multi colored Combat Shorts   Green Chinos Trousers

Step out of your comfort zone, Boost your confidence by stocking up on trousers in unique prints and patterns. Try funky colors, different from the ones you are used to and thank me later.

 Wear Jewelry

Men's Gold Neck Chain   Black Stitched Leather Bracelet

/P/O/114282_1534910554.jpg   Black Hand Bracelet

Bracelets, Necklaces, and Rings are not reserved for the female alone. A tasteful piece of jewelry would always stand you out from the crowd.

Invest In a Durable Suitcase or Day Bag

  Spacious Duffle Bag/M/e/MeLife-Briefcase-Pilot-Luggage-7834306_1.jpg

Your luggage is very much a part of your style. In case you are wondering, people notice that too.

Smell Nice!

Chimaera Perfume for Men  /C/i/Ciel-EDP-Perfume-For-Men-100-ml-5956695_3.jpg

People will forget what you said, but they’ll never forget what they perceived when you walked in. Pick a fragrance from our best COLLECTION for men.

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