The Beginner’s Guide to KongaPay


KongaPay, a subsidiary of Konga Group, is the leading provider of digital payment services in Nigeria and is committed to providing the fastest, easiest, and most reliable mode of payment. 

Licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and insured by the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC), KongaPay has, since its inception, played a vital role as a leading provider of digital payment services for e-commerce transactions and other mobile money services in Nigeria.

Here’s what you stand to gain when you join the KongaPay family. 

  •       Easy and quick sign-up
  •       Excellent user experience on the app
  •       Safe and Secured payment gateway 
  •       Agency banking
  •       Information Retrieval 
  •       Automated Payment
  •       Easy banking 
  •       And lots more

KongaPay offers various services; here’s a sneak peek: 

Fund Transfers

Fund transfers are swift and seamless with KongaPay. You can send and receive money from anyone, anytime and anywhere, with just your mobile number. KongaPay also makes this service more convenient for you as you transact without extra charges or hidden fees. 

Add Money

This feature simplifies saving your card information, organizing your wallet, and also making quick payments. Additionally, you can stop using your card at home and conduct transactions while on the go because the system stores your information with all necessary privacy protection and makes saving multiple cards simple.


Buying airtime or data on the App is seamless and offers amazing discounts. 

Cable TV Subscription 

Stay connected with your favourite TV shows. You can easily make cable TV subscriptions on the App with perks and bonuses.


KongaPay helps you stay connected to electricity and out of the dark within seconds of using the platform to make payments.

Information Retrieval

Track your finances and expenses on your dashboard. Access e-statements, receipts and so much more. 

Agency Banking

By becoming a KongaPay financial agent, you can earn extra income anywhere in the country. 

We prioritise your security 

  •       Sensitive payment information can only come to light if you authorise it
  •       All personal and business accounts are verified and logged with the BVN service
  •       We ensure your transactions are encrypted and do not go through public networks. 
  •       Our system constantly monitors activities in real-time to evade fraud.

All these and more are fantastic services you enjoy when you sign up with KongaPay. Finally, asides from what you have on this guide to KongaPay, there is a lot more we have to offer you. All you need to do is stay active and keep transacting with KongaPay. Download the KongaPay App on the Google Play store or App Store or sign up by visiting 

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There you have it on the beginner’s guide to KongaPay.

Do it all with KongaPay today.