Seven Throwback Storage Methods You Never Knew


In the age of smart refrigerators and digital storage solutions, it’s easy to forget yesteryear’s ingenious and often quirky storage methods, like the Iron basket, Water gourds, Rafia baskets, Calabashes, etc.

So, come with me; let’s take a delightful journey back in time to explore seven throwback storage methods that might just spark a nostalgic grin.

 The Icebox Extravaganza

Long before sleek stainless steel fridges, iceboxes ruled the roost. Families stored perishables in these wooden chests insulated with sawdust and lined with zinc. Blocks of ice were the cool currency, keeping food fresh in style.

Root Cellars – The (Underground) Pantry

Imagine a time when the earth itself was your refrigerator. Root cellars, often dug into hillsides, provided a naturally cool environment to store root vegetables, fruits, and preserves. It was Mother Nature’s way of keeping things chilled.


Milk Churns and Butter Bellies

In the dairy department, families once relied on charming milk churns and butter bellies. These vessels maintained a consistent temperature, ensuring your daily dose of creamy goodness stayed delightfully fresh.

Hanging Gardens of Onions

Forget the crisper drawer. In the past, onions, garlic, and herbs often dangled from kitchen ceilings. Not only did this add a rustic charm to kitchens, but it also allowed good air circulation, extending the life of these kitchen essentials.


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Canning and Preserving Magic

Grandmothers held the secret to eternal freshness – canning. Mason jars filled with jams, pickles, and sauces lined the shelves, showcasing the art of preserving the harvest for a later date.

Cooling Safes – A Safe Bet for Meat

Before the age of electric refrigeration, cooling safes were the guardians of meat freshness. These metal boxes, often placed in basements, relied on ice blocks and clever insulation to keep the steaks chilled.

Pantry of Yore

Shelves laden with glass jars, wooden crates, and metal tins – the pantry of yore was a treasure trove of sustenance. From flour to beans, everything had its place, reminding us that organization is indeed an age-old virtue.

Now, as we bask in the glory of modern refrigeration and storage, the transition from iceboxes to intelligent refrigerators is a testament to human ingenuity. 

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