Pro Tip: How To Make Your Long-Distance Relationship Work


Have you ever been in love?

Forget most of the things you see on social media; love is beautiful. I love love. I love to love and be loved. There are still wonderful love stories; Melvin’s is one of many.

Melvin discovered Stella’s Instagram profile and fell in love at first sight. He slid into her DM and fired his shot. He scored after several attempts.

But Melvin stays in Canada, and Stella in Lagos – would it be a long-distance relationship? Yes, it was, and distance had nothing on them. They made it work. They communicate over the phone daily, giving each other a rundown of their day. The love birds also indulged in video calls and face time.

Melvin lavished her with love and money. Even when she didn’t ask for it, he continued to send her money.

Long distance relationship

After one year, Melvin decided to return home, and Stella drove to the airport to pick him up. They were lost in an embrace within a split second of seeing each other. Then, Melvin went on one knee and said, “Please, be that face I wake up to every day.” It seemed like a Telenovela on DStv, so beautiful to watch…

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