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Men’s Corner: How To Keep Your Woman From The IJGBs

The festivities have arrived, but do you know who else is in town? The ‘I just got back’ (IJGBs). Yes, they are back with their accent and will be out there looking for whose babe to snatch with their boots, colognes and outfits.

Guys, no gree for anybody this season. To help you prepare yourself, especially when you step out to celebrate the holiday, we have assembled five items that ladies check out on a man. While some ladies care less about how a man looks, others size him up the moment he says ‘hello’, and conclude on his financial state, his hygiene, and ultimately if he’s worth their time. 

Ladies, if these are outside your checklist, you should consider adding them. 

Wrist Watch

A quality wristwatch always defines a man with class. It speaks volume. By looking at your wristwatch, they know if you’ve got eyes for good things. 


You can never go wrong with a nice cologne. If she breathes in, and loves what she perceives, then she would want to give you a listening ear. Ladies, if he smells like a fish, please excuse yourself to the restroom and do not return. 


A man’s shoes are essential. Aside from the quality of the shoes you’re wearing, ensure they are properly clean or polished. Trust me, ladies take a good look at your shoes when you walk in. 


Have you had a clean shave? Is your beard well moisturized? How do you want to care for a woman if you cannot care for your beard? Pay some attention to those beards, bro. 


Quality shirts never fail the modern man. But then, ladies, don’t overthink his shirt because it may be his Christmas cloth. 

Bonus: Please pay attention to your Nails

Something is wrong if you tick everything above but fail with your nails. You cannot wear expensive perfumes, shoes and wristwatches, and not afford a proper manicure. Something is fishy; trust me, she is thinking the same thing. 


Take good care of yourself. Prioritize self-care this season and beyond. The good thing is you can get everything you need to be the man she expects to see on Konga.com. From original perfumes to quality shirts, shoes, wrist watches and self-care kits. The IJGBs got nothing on you. 

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What’s more is that with the Konga Naija Shopping Festival, there is no better time to shop for these items than now. You can get these and so much more at up to 60% off and have them delivered right to your door. 

Shop smart, Live well. 




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