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Konga Food Fest: Here’s What No One Will Tell You

Are you still waiting for the first person to try it? Just dey play; it’s real! Konga Food Fest kicked off today, and what my eyes saw, I cannot write. All I can say is you should experience it for yourself. Dem say awoof dey run belle, but this awoof no dey run belle. Quote me anywhere.

The Konga Food Fest runs from Monday 6th – Wednesday 8th February 2023. This food festival doubles as the official launch of the Konga Super Kitchen. Simply walk into the kitchen/cafeteria at your location in Gbagada, Ogba and Yudala Heights to enjoy sumptuous meals at a flat rate of just N1,000. 

I know what you are thinking now; there is a menu. 

Konga Food Fest


  • Jollof Rice, Coleslaw & Chicken
  • Porridge Beans, Plantain & Fish
  • Wheat & Vegetables (Efo Riro) with Beef


  • Coconut Rice, Plantain & Chicken
  • Porridge Yam & Fish
  • Eba and Egusi Soup with Oxtail


  • Village Rice, Moi Moi & Fish
  • Semovita with Ogbono Soup & Beef
  • Stir Fry Spaghetti & Chicken

Come, treat your tastebuds. We can’t wait to serve you. You can also call 0700 020 0300, 0912 282 8547 to place your order.

Konga Food Fest

Konga Food is an easy way to order food for delivery and pickup. It offers you the fastest delivery time experienced in the online food delivery sector. You can now order delicious meals from your favourite restaurants, including Chicken Republic, The Place, Genesis, The Pizza Company, Mama Cass and many more.

How Konga Food works

  • Open your Konga Food app or visit food.konga.com
  • Discover Restaurants and special dishes
  • Find what you are craving
  • Place your order
  • Track the progress of your order on the app, from prep to delivery.

Order whatever you’re craving from your favourite restaurant and have it delivered faster. Also, here are five drinks for premium chilling.

Konga Food remains your number-one plug for tasty meals delivered on time.


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