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They do the silliest things.

And you can’t take your eyes off them; they keep you on your toes 24/7.

Nevertheless, you can’t love them any less. 

If they are not trying to jump off somewhere, they are picking up the strangest things and putting them in their mouths. LOL. They have the energy of a machine.

Funny as these things may sound, it is only amusing to watch on Instagram and social media; but certainly not when you’ve had a stressful day at work and just want to kick off your shoes and catch some rest. 

Little wonder parents want to ship them to their grandparents’ during summer breaks. 

But guess what? Another back-to-school season is fast approaching; here at Konga, we have just the essentials your kids need to start the school season looking like a star! 

From backpacks to lunch boxes, stationeries, and geometry sets; everything your champion needs to kick off this session is just a click away.

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That’s just some of it.

We even got essentials for your high schoolers and students in tertiary institutions, like laptops, computers, iPads, and even top mobile phones.

Those in boarding schools are not left out, from their provision to cleaning essentials, pressing irons, and many more.

Educational institutions and bulk buyers can also take advantage of our special offers; and pricing on large appliances, power products, and office and school supplies. Also, classroom furniture, cleaning essentials, smart security appliances, etc.

Save, save, and save big in the Konga Back-to-school sale from August 14th – September 11th.


Before I forget, do you know you get a 10% discount off your cart when you shop with your Visa Signature Card from Access Bank? Yes, it’s for real. 

And I know you might be wondering the best way to go about your shopping due to the high cost of delivery fees.

But not to worry; with Konga Prime, our 1 – 3 months free delivery subscription plan, you don’t have to bother about high delivery fees anytime you shop.

So, dust your shopping cart and begin ticking off your shopping list; because the Konga Back-to-school sale is here with a bang.

Visit to get started.