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Is This Playing?

“Is this playing?”

Anna said with tears in her eyes, looking at the clothes she was yet to iron but had to deliver today. 

“NEPA, why,” “Peaches will kill me,” she said, turning around from her sewing machine to stare at the cloth on the couch which she had just made.

“Lol, it can never be me,’’ I chuckled. I just recently purchased an ITEC 3.5Kva Electric Start Generator at a discounted price on Konga.com in the ongoing Mid-Year Shopping Festival; to avoid stories that touch the heart. And also, I had it delivered to me the same day using KongaNow.

 “Don’t worry,’’ I consoled her. “I’m here for you.”

Being a young entrepreneur in Lagos has always been challenging. You deal with all sorts of personalities and identities. Once, we took on a joint project together, very close to the delivery date. It’s not in my style to do so, but Anna and I really needed the money at the time.

After working all night and tirelessly, our client Tola left us dumbfounded. She disappointed us with flimsy reasons. This was after spending so much time and effort to make the perfect bridal train dress for her as she was to travel the following day. 

The gown was a snatched corset, type you wear with “Gele” and lots of accessories. You see that gown, “E Choke!” I was dazed when I went to make the delivery, and Tola stood me up, and left me stranded in the early hours of the morning. 

“Hmmm, it wasn’t a funny story.”

Knowing her flight was to depart by 8 am in the morning, I left my house by 4 am, considering the fact that I was coming from Ikorodu and knowing how the Lagos morning traffic can be. Luckily, I got to her doorstep at Yaba by 5:45 am, fifteen minutes before the time she asked me to meet her. I tried calling her phone but no show.

 “Maybe she’s still sleeping,” I said to myself. I kept trying her line, and the worry only set in when the clock struck 7:30 am.

Tired and hungry, I called her line even more frantically. I also called Anna to complain. As I was about to lose it, Tola picked up her phone. 

“I’m sorry, babe. I got drunk at a party last night and crashed at my boyfriend’s place. And I’m on my way to the Muritala Muhammed Airport Lagos, now. 

Just as I was about to fly into a rage, I felt Anna’s hand tap me, snapping me out of my flashback to reality.

“Tina! Let’s quickly go to your place and get this thing ironed. Peaches will be here any minute, and I don’t want her trouble.’’

Jolting back from my daydream, I quickly stood from the bed. 

“That’s true. Let’s go,” I said, putting on my black Crocs and heading toward the door.

Thank God for Konga’s Mid-Year Shopping Festival. Wouldn’t want any form of trouble or excuses again this time.


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