Here’s Your Gateway To The Lands Where the Sun Never Sets

The midnight sun

The holiday season is here, and for many like me who love to travel the world, here is a grand opportunity to satisfy this craving. Some feel there’s nothing more to experience on the planet besides the skyscrapers in Dubai or the architectural works in Greece dating from around 600 BC. But in certain corners of our world, a phenomenon defies the conventional rhythm of day and night. Imagine a place where the sun refuses to bid adieu for a significant stretch of time, casting an enchanting glow that paints the sky in hues of perpetual twilight. 

Let’s discover these extraordinary places and the magical durations when daylight reigns supreme.

Barrow, Alaska: Barrow, now known as Utqiagvik, is the largest city and borough seat of the North Slope Borough in Alaska. It is located near the Arctic Ocean. The sun doesn’t set here from late May to late July. This is made up for by the polar night, which lasts for 30 days starting in early November when the sun doesn’t rise. This implies the entire nation is in complete darkness during the brutal winter months. Captivating glaciers and snow-capped mountains welcome visitors all year round. You should behold this beauty!

Point Barrow - AK | Roadtrippers

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Norway: Norway is located in the Arctic Circle in Northern Norway and includes destinations like Tromsø and Svalbard. Norway is known as the Land of the Midnight Sun. This is because the sun never sets from late May to the end of July. Svalbard, Norway, is the northernmost populated territory in Europe and has constant sunshine from April 10 to August 23. Approximately 76 days pass, during which the sun never sets. The sun refuses to dip below the horizon, casting an ethereal glow on fjords, mountains, and coastal landscapes. You can schedule your visit here and enjoy the days without darkness.

Finland: Finland is a Northern European nation bordering Sweden, Norway and Russia. Known as the country of a thousand lakes and islands, this location experiences uninterrupted daylight for 73 days in the summer. In contrast to the winter season, this area receives no sunlight for almost a month. Not only can you see the Northern Lights while you’re in the country’s Arctic Lapland province. You can also go skiing and experience staying in a glass igloo.

Nunavut, Canada: Nunavut is a vast, thinly populated region of northern Canada. It makes up most of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, located about two degrees above the Arctic Circle. This location has around two months of nonstop sunshine. However, you can experience about thirty (30) days of total darkness in winter.

The sun in Nunavut Canada

Iceland: After Great Britain, Iceland is the largest island in Europe. It is also renowned for being the mosquito-free nation. During summers, nights are clear in Iceland, whereas during June, the sun never sets. Grimsey Island and the city of Akureyri, both near the Arctic Circle, offer breathtaking views of the Midnight Sun.

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Sweden: In Sweden, the sun sets at midnight and rises at roughly four in the morning from early May until late August. Here, uninterrupted sunshine can last up to six months annually. Thus, one can spend lengthy days engaging in thrilling activities like hiking, fishing, golfing, and much more while they are here.

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