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Buying A Smartphone? Here Are 5 Things To Consider

No doubt, smartphones have found their way into every moment of our technology-fueled life. We use them for communication, internet browsing, pictures, saving documents on the cloud, and even phone photography.

However, with the wide variety of smartphones available in the market, choosing the right smartphone has become quite the task. To help tailor your decision, we have compiled a list of five (5) important things you should consider when choosing a smartphone to buy.


Build has to do with the design and durability of the smartphone. Smartphones mostly come in two builds – Metal and Plastic. Some come in a glass, but those are not random. If you’re prone to dropping your smartphone, it’s advisable to go for one with a metal or plastic build. They can survive 3-4 feet drop.

Processor and RAM

The overall performance of a phone is dependent on the processor. Sometimes the capability of the processor limits software updates. Your best bet for a processor is Qualcomm and Mediatek. 

Battery life

This is one of the most important features to consider when choosing a smartphone, especially if you’re always on your phone. Also, the number of mAh does not amount to a longer battery life cycle, different factors come into play. For example, the screens with a higher resolution consume more energy, while the latest processors optimize battery life. Then there’s refresh rates and quick charging technology to consider. Currently, 4,000 mAh seems to be a good one.

Storage Capacity

When it comes to storage, do not just look at what it says on the sticker. Take a look at how much space the preinstalled apps have taken. You can use a MicroSD card to expand your smartphone’s storage capacity, but considering today’s smartphones, it is advisable to opt for at least 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory.

Camera quality

The number of megapixels that a smartphone has does not guarantee the camera will be better. Specifications such as ISO levels, pixel size, camera aperture, optical stabilization, manual modes, special effects, autofocus, and more are essential to the overall camera quality. 

Where do you buy SmartPhones? 

In the end, this is the most important question because you should buy quality at the lowest prices. Shop quality Smartphones with up to a year warranty on Konga.com today. You can also walk into any Konga retail store nationwide to shop for smartphones at amazing prices.

Buying a smartphone? Here are 5 things to consider

Before you go, to spice up usage of your phone, check out these accessories that your mobile phone will thank you for. 



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