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7 Signs Your Partner Is About To Serve You Hot Breakfast

The economy is slow, and I honestly do not expect anybody to be as slow during this period. Just like me, you should start reading the writing on the wall.

When Stephanie, my Ex, started acting up, I knew it, and when it got worse, I messaged her on WhatsApp saying, “I am done with this relationship.”

Guess her response?

“The only thing that is paining me now is that I was not the one that typed this thing first because I was done a long time ago.”

Do you see? To avoid being taken unaware, here are seven signs that your partner intends to serve you steaming breakfast. And you need to beat them at their game.

They now call you by the name on your PVC 

Don’t be slow; this is an excellent way to let you know that you don’t really mean much to them anymore. From honey, babe to Chiamaka, Tunde. Do not wait for your breakfast to be served; leave with the ingredients.

They reply your long message with a word 

Lmao. The length of that reply is the distance between you and your breakfast. It will be hot.

They have changed the colour of their love emoji

This means that their feelings have changed. Do not make excuses in your head; open your eyes and accept the bitter truth wholeheartedly.

They no longer pick on the first ring 

Why can’t they pick on the first ring? What are they doing? I thought they said you’re their heartbeat. So, your heartbeat is calling, and you’re not picking up? Are you playing?

They are eager to end the call when you’re talking

Otilo! This one has gone already. Because I don’t understad. Are you saving airtime? Abi you’re saving data? Hah!!! They’re even probably enjoying KongaPay’s 5% discount on airtime and data purchase, so why are they hurrying to end the call?

Wait, you didn’t know? Ahhhhhhhhh!

It’s Awoof Season on KongaPay! You’ll enjoy a 5% discount on bills payment capped at N500. This offer is exclusive to airtime, data and TV subscriptions. All you need to do is visit www.kongapay.com to get started now.


Wait, your partner didn’t tell you about this fantastic thing? Omooh, use your tongue and count your teeth.

They pick fights over the tiniest things

Couples fight occasionally, but when your partner starts picking fights over things that both of you know do not make sense, my dear, they’re simply creating drama as an excuse to leave you.

Their password is longer than River Nile

Which other sign do you need? No, tell me. The earlier you realize you are the only one in that relationship, the better for you.

My dear, beat them at their game. That’s the goal. Above all, ensure you take advantage of KongaPay’s Awoof season to enjoy a 5% discount on bills payment capped at N500.

To get started,

  • Visit kongapay.comon your browser
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Additionally, download the KongaPay App from the Play Store or App Store for easy access today.

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