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7 Fashion Pieces To Look Out For In Konga Yakata 2018

While we can’t help the euphoria of counting down to the 2018 Konga Yakata sales, we also can’t forget that “a well-dressed woman; though her purse is painfully empty, can conquer the world”. We’ve thus made effort to come up with an insight of closet must-haves and a guide on 7 Fashion Pieces To Look Out For In Konga Yakata 2018.


 The woman’s classic black dress has remained a modern piece that can never go wrong. Paired with the right accessories a little black dress can be worn as a daytime ensemble or for an evening out.  Not only do you cut down on the ‘nothing to wear’ moments, guess what? A closet can never have too many LBDs.

/E/m/Embellished-Little-Black-Dress-6771559.jpg   /M/N/135117_1540295130.jpg


High waist pants can be traced as far back as the 1940s where they were worn mostly by men, and initially had to be held up by a pair of suspenders. This gradually evolved and has been adopted by the female folk into modern flattering pieces such as culottes, High waisted boot cut pants, and mermaid flare pants. These can be paired with the right blouse for a casual look or with a shirt cum blazer for the 9 -5 chic look.

7 Fashion Pieces To Look Out For In Konga Yakata 20187 Fashion Pieces To Look Out For In Konga Yakata 2018


Jackets and blazers are pieces that set the entire tone of an outfit. From leather jackets to denim jackets, even to faux fur jackets and printed blazers. They could be paired with the right footwear for a day out with the girls, or to a lunch meeting. With the end of year weather gradually upon us, blazers and jackets are fast becoming a necessity.

7 Fashion Pieces To Look Out For In Konga Yakata 2018        Long-Sleeve-Jacket


Sunglasses aren’t just an item every fashion conscious person must boast of, they also serve as a form of protective eyewear. From the oval-shaped sunglasses to the trendy cat eye, and semi-rimless shapes, paired correctly, sunglasses speak a unique sense of style.



Fashion is a lifestyle for the bold and so are tribal pieces with its stylish blend of African culture and heritage. Printed pieces have been inculcated into bags, shoes, and even accessories and remain a must for the millennial woman.

7 Fashion Pieces To Look Out For In Konga Yakata 2018 7 Fashion Pieces To Look Out For In Konga Yakata 2018


Mules have a history that date as far back as ancient Rome and were not properly worn until the 16th century where they were restricted to bedroom shoes and were not worn out in public. Mules have changed in design over time, are no longer restricted to boudoir wear, and even cuts across gender as both male and females and comfortably rock them.

7 Fashion Pieces To Look Out For In Konga Yakata 2018 7 Fashion Pieces To Look Out For In Konga Yakata 2018


Wrist watches are designed to be worn on the wrist as time pieces. They come in leather, metal chain or band. Leather wrist watches are usually suitable for corporate events, chains for evening outings, and bracelets for casual purposes. Time pieces were originally crafted for and worn only by women in the early century but now transcend beyond that. Wristwatches often serve as the perfect gift item, and could serve as a gift option too this Christmas.

/X/W/142492_1539693698.jpg    /E/Q/106208_1539874809.jpg


Fashion is an expressive lifestyle, a way of showing who you truly are without having to say a word. What other way to make a statement than with irresistible pieces going at huge discount prices from the the 8th of November until the 30th of November 2018. It definitely is not a Pre-Christmas shopping opportunity you would want to miss out on!



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