5 Signs She Is Thinking About You

Signs She Is Thinking About You

Picture this. There’s a woman in your life giving you all the green lights in the world. You see her. You are fully aware but hesitating to make a move. You are scared of rejection and embarrassment even after seeing all the green lights. 

If you’re in this shoe, then this is for you. By the end of this read, you’ll have the knowledge and complete confidence to recognize the signs, make a move, and at the very least, score a date with the lady who likes you.

1: She wants to know if you’re single

The first clue is when she searches for details about your relationship status. She wouldn’t ask you outright, “Are you single?” most of the time. She wouldn’t take the chance of being rejected by you. 

Instead, she’ll probably make more subdued remarks like these, “Abeg, I don’t want your girlfriends to come after me.” “I hope your girlfriend won’t be angry seeing us together.” 

These kinds of statements will compel you to disclose whether or not you’re taken. Trust me, she wouldn’t care if she’s not thinking about you. 

2: She likes being alone with you

Her preference for spending time with you alone is a significant clue. She’s hoping you’ll take her lead and take her somewhere where you can spend some quality time together alone. Why are you wasting time, bro? Ask her on a date. 

3: She keeps telling you she’s single

When she keeps announcing that she’s single, it indicates that she likes you. Why are you sleeping? Open your eyes and take action immediately. 

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4: Her friends tell you so

Listen to her friends when they say stuff like: “She’s really into you, you know.””Please take good care of her.”

Although she might not express her feelings to you, she will definitely tell her friends. Thus, be particularly aware of the cues they leave you with.

5: She asks about your life plans

Just like when she asks if you’re single, she’s also trying to discover your plans. She might ask you questions like, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” 

If she likes you, her attraction will grow or decline when she learns about your life plans. 


Knowing what to do next is easy once you discover how to tell if someone is thinking of you. This brings us to our next question: What should you do next after you’ve seen all the signs?

Ask her out!!! 

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