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5 Exciting Ways To Spend Eid-El-Maulud  

Hi dear,

I hope you’re enjoying the holiday. And doing the things you love because I definitely am. 


And before I go back to chilling with my loved ones, I’d love to drop some tips on 5 exciting ways to spend the Eid-El-Maulud.

It is Eid-El-Maulud, a day to celebrate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). In the heart of the festivities, five exciting ways to spend this special day beckon, and at the forefront is a thrilling online shopping experience on Konga.com.

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Morning Prayer and Reflection: Starting the day with the melodious call to prayer echoing through the neighborhood. Families gather at the mosque, donned in their finest attire, to offer their heartfelt prayers. Afterward, take a moment to reflect on the teachings of the Prophet and the significance of his birth. It is a serene start to the day, grounding everyone in faith and gratitude.

Feast Fit for Royalty: Fill your day with the aromas of delicious dishes wafting through the streets. Come together with your family and friends for a grand feast. 

Sharing the Love: Eid-El-Maulud is not just a day for personal reflection but also for spreading love and kindness. You can reach out to your communities, distributing food, clothes, and gifts to the less fortunate. 

Cultural Extravaganza: Give the festivities a more vibrant hue. In the heart of the city, a cultural fair brings the day to life. Yes! You can fill the streets with colorful attires and vibrant performances to fill the air. 


From traditional dances to mesmerizing music, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Konga is here to help you spread the love with quality and affordable products you can share with your loved ones, all at irresistible discounts. 

Candle-lit Procession: As the evening comes, allow the festivities culminate in a breathtaking candle-lit procession. With family, friends, and neighbors parading through the streets, holding candles adorned with verses from the Quran. Symbolizing the light and guidance that the Prophet brought into the world.

Eid-El-Maulud is a day of joy, reflection, and celebration. Because it is a day to embrace the Prophet Muhammad’s teachings, strengthen bonds with loved ones, and share life’s blessings with those in need. 

P.S: Do not forget to also take advantage of the special offers on Konga to spice up the day.

Have a good one!



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