Super Sale Wednesdays

You know how they say “good things keep you coming back for more?”

This is exactly what KONGA is all about when dealing with YOU. And trust us to never run out of good things just for you.

On this episode of KONGA’s goodies, we are introducing an incredible avenue for you to SAVE on specific items while you SHOP in the Super Sale Wednesday.

The KONGA Super Sale Wednesday is exclusive to KONGA retail stores only and is aimed at ensuring you get all you need, at discounted prices, just by WALKING into any KONGA Store near you.

This Wednesday, promises a super exciting experience. Get the perfectly optimized Nokia 2, famous for its high performance and long lasting battery life of up to 2 days just from a single charge.

The incredible Nokia 2 goes this Wednesday at N23,700 only as opposed to its market value of N35,500. Its 5 LTPS LCD Screen offers impressive contrast and clarity you do not want to miss while it’s 8 and 5-megapixel camera ensures your selfies are in safe hands.

You can’t get it better anywhere else. While you shop, be rest assured of KONGA’s promise to always deliver QUALITY and AFFORDABILITY.

Hurry while stock lasts and ensure you are not left out of this Super Wednesday Deal.

As a matter of fact, make sure no Super Sale Wednesday ever passes you by. You already know KONGA is relentless in ensuring your shopping experience is as seamless as possible. Visit any KONGA Retail Store near you.

Super sale Wednesday is Exclusive to Lagos retail stores only.

Shop Smart; Live Well!

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