Love In Broke Times


During this challenging economic period, falling in love and playing romance is not for the faint-hearted.

No jokes!

The question of, “What will we eat?” “How will we live?” “Who will fuel the car?” and “Bills, Bills, Bills” are worries in the heart of anyone.

And rightly so. “LOL,” would we eat the trending “Grocery, Sweetener, and Floating berries,” a.k.a (Garri, sugar, and groundnut), or simply Spaghetti, Noodles, and other forms of refined carbs? But, whatever it is, Konga is here to bring you hope in trying times.

So, come with me as we explore a catalog of products that will help you live and explore your love life to the fullest; and also without breaking the bank.

In no particular order, take a look at the following items below.

ITEC 50″ Smart TV: Who says you can’t Netflix and chill this period? With the ITEC Smart TV; you can liven up the ambiance of your space, love couldn’t be sweeter for you and your sugar pie. 

Table Gas Burner:  No matter what you’re going through, my dear friend, don’t forget to eat. And with a high-quality cooker, you can make your favorite dishes easily and without stress.

MTN 5G Broadband Router: You may not have the resources to travel the world, but with an MTN 5G Router, you can explore the world and beyond from the comfort of your home with your loved one.

Hisense Air Conditioner: With an air conditioner to regulate the atmosphere of the home and promote good sleep, a peaceful and tranquil environment is guaranteed for you to snuggle and bond with your Boo. 

Moreover, with same-day delivery on all items listed above via KongaNow; you are sure to have value for your money’s worth.

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In the end; if you ever feel love is hard and money is tight, remember that genuine products are cheaper on Konga. And love is about the little things because, with, you can show your love without spending a fortune.