Dos, Don’ts And Important Facts About Wearing Perfume


Who doesn’t like smelling fresh like a daisy all day long? Imagine creating an instant impression or leaving a softly mesmerizing trail wherever you go because you wear the right perfume. Perfumes are the last touch-up to that outfit before you step out each day. 

However, as every perfume enthusiast knows, there are some dos and don’ts when wearing perfumes. For starters, how about we discuss some body parts where you shouldn’t apply your perfume? 


Naturally, you won’t spray perfume in your eyes, but milk spills. In a hurry to get out, you may accidentally spray perfume in your eyes while aiming for the neck. If this occurs, make sure to rinse your eyes with water.

Areas near your eyes can become itchy if exposed to the ethyl in the fragrance. It can irritate the sensitive skin around your eyes. Also, if you have perfume on your hands, wash them thoroughly before touching your eyes. 


Your hair naturally absorbs a wide range of smells. Perfumes with an alcohol base tend to dry out your hair, especially when sprayed directly onto your hair strands. Although spraying the fragrance on your hair might initially seem like a good idea, try to avoid doing so! Alternatively, mist your comb with the perfume and run the comb through your hair to minimize breakage and maintain that lovely scent. 



Putting perfume on or close to intimate areas can irritate the skin. Perfume has the potential to irritate sensitive skin, resulting in redness and inflammation. Avoid using any form of fragrance on your genitals. 

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Now that we have discussed some body parts where you shouldn’t apply perfumes, let’s dive into some essential perfume facts you should know: 

Perfume Should Always Be Applied on Pulse Points

The pulse points are the specific areas where perfume is usually applied. Examples are your neck, wrist, and even the back of your knees. These points emit heat and mix with the air, making you smell fresh. Use this technique to create long-lasting freshness. 

You will stop perceiving your perfume after a while 

This is one of the important facts about wearing perfume that most people do not know. Your brain stops detecting perfume after a while because it becomes accustomed to the smell. Although others can smell it, your brain will become unaware of it when it determines that it poses no health risk to you.

Different scents can emanate from the same perfume

A person’s distinct body scent combines with perfume. The perfume ingredients and the body scent combine to form the finished product. A third person will, therefore, be able to distinguish between the two of you if you and your friend purchase the same perfume.


Sniffing Various Fragrances Overwhelms Your Senses

Try not to sniff more than two scents at once when testing perfumes. Too much perfume will overload your senses and make focusing on just one scent harder.

There you have it on the important facts about wearing perfume.

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